Saturday, July 21, 2012

And.. Baby makes 3..

Well.. I have not blogged in forever... I can not even explain to you what these last several months have been like... A whirl wind of emotions is an under statement.. Let's go back a few months.. My gymnasts ended meet season on some highs & lows... A few of them had a great ending to their season and for some of them it wasn't so great... But for me.. It's not always about my kids winning.. Sure it's definitely great to see them on top of the podium but in the end I think my girls learn so much more from this sport.. The courage it takes to get up after you've fallen down can be overwhelming but these young ladies never give up.. Makes me incredibly proud.. After meet season wrapped up I had a few girls move on to new chapters in their life & a couple take a different gymnastics route... Either way I wish them all the best & Im grateful for the time I spent with them... Now... This season... I could not be more excited... I really do have the best girls!! They are funny, smart, beautiful inside & out, and incredibly talented!! I am very much looking forward to this competition season! What else.... Oh yeah.. I had a baby!!! :) The 9 months that I was pregnant were exhausting, interesting, emotional, overwhelming, and just plain hard at times... I had to deal with some situations & circumstances that often made being pregnant hard to enjoy... But.. Through all of that I ended up with the most beautiful baby girl! Dylynn Mae!! She came into this world May 4th and in that instant I knew my life was forever changed... The emotion you feel when you first see your child is indescribable.. I cried, I smiled, I just couldn't believe that I had been carrying this perfect little person inside me for the last 9 months.. Ive caught a lot of flack over Dylynn's name... Guess what... I don't care.. I've always liked names that are different & unique.. You don't find to many girls named Dylynn... Mae.. Her middle name.. She got from her GiGi (my mom) it was only fitting... My mom is such a huge part of my life and she has so many incredible qualities that to me it just fit.. Dylynn is such a good baby... She loves to snuggle, she smiles & gives you the best toothless grins, shes trying to start laughing and it's the cutest thing.. She's holding her head up.. She's sleeping better.. She's everything I could've ever imagined.. I look at her and sometimes I think my heart will actually burst.. I am so excited, grateful, and blessed to be her mama.. I went back to work 4 weeks to the day after Dylynn was born.. I'm very fortunate to have 2 wonderful people watching Dylynn while I'm at work & I never have to worry.. She's in great hands! A friend of mine.. One of my gymnasts moms keeps dylynn 1 day a week.. Sunshine is wonderful & always gets the best pictures of Dylynn. My mom keeps her 3 days a week and Dylynn is always so happy with her GiGi.. She grins when mom talks to her and coo's and is always in the best mood... I really have the best of both worlds.. Working & being a mommy.. I get to go to work & spend time with my big girls & come home to my little girl.. What else... Oh.. Dylynn's Grumpy (my dad)... My whole life I've heard stories about how my dad and I were best buddies when I was little.. My mom always says my dad couldn't get enough of me... I remember dad reading stories, wrestling & tickling, building forts, bringing home my first puppy, coming to my gymnastics, teaching me to ride a bike, catch & throw a ball, taking me fishing... My dad has always been a big part of my life... Dad was never big on getting us expensive things but I don't remember wanting them... He taught us that love & character were more important than possessions. Mom & dad always found a way to provide us with the stuff we needed & no matter what we always had a good time together. We took trips to the lake, went on bike rides, played catch, went to the park, and no matter what we did my parents made tgings special. I have a feeling that Dylynn will have a very special relationship with her Grumpy.. I watch my dad hold her, sing to her, rock her and it melts my heart... He always checks on her, wants to know how she is and waits for me to show him pictures.. My parents have gone above & beyond to help us out.. I am so very thankful for them.. I can not wait to watch Dylynn grow up and watch her with her GiGi & Grumpy.. My parents taught me so many valuable lessons, and I know they will be huge influences in my kiddos life and I'm forever grateful. Being a mom is a scary thing.. You want nothing but what's best for your child and people don't always agree with how you raise your child.. I knew from the moment I saw Dylynn that I would do anything in my power to protect her, keep her healthy, teach her right & wrong and just give her all the love I have in me... I've always been told that it doesn't matter what people say or how they try to tell you what your doing is wrong... Your mama bear will come out and you will always do what you think is best.. I truly understand that now... I think having a baby makes you appreciate your own parents so much more.. I now know just what all my parents sacrificed & gave up to provide my brother & I with an incredible childhood and life. The morals & values your parents have are the guidelines as to in my opinion the type of person a child will become. I'm not perfect by any means but I think I have a good head on my shoulders & a good set of morals & values to pass on to Dylynn. It's been an incredible few months.. Gabe & I's life is forever changed... I look forward to our sweet girl lighting up our life from now and on.. Hopefully one day Dylynn will get a brother or sister and our little family will continue to grow.. Kids are an incredible thing... So.. There's a quick update on me & my life... I could not be more proud of this sweet angel I was given.. I am incredibly lucky to have my job & hang out with some awesome girls! I have the most amazing parents... Life is good! :)

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