Monday, April 2, 2012

Hi... Again...

Hello! This girl has not blogged in forever!! Forever!! I have been so busy with gym, meets, and getting stuff ready for Ms. Dylynn's arrival!! Exciting times.. But oh so busy!!

Meet season is just about done.. I have 3 girls traveling to Kansas City later this month for regionals.. Pretty exciting stuff! State meet ended on a great note!! I had 3 all-around champions, 3 individual event champions.. Pretty good day for Flame gymnastics!!

Meet season was such a roller coaster this year! We had a few injuries and set backs.. We dealt with sickness more often than we wanted to.. I had one that had surgery, and one that had to sit out for a few weeks due to injury.. But all in all I could not be anymore proud of my 9 gymnasts! They worked so hard all year and never gave up no matter what was thrown at them.. I had some that had great seasons, some that had ok seasons, and some that just had some days not go there way.. Breaks my heart watching my girls work so hard and things just not play out in there favor.. But it is part of this sport and life isnt always fair... But let me tell you.. These girls have some incredible fight in them.. They keep their chins up and always come back for more.. I love my gymnasts!!

But now that meet season is over for most of my girls..Its off season and we are having a blast!! This is the best time of the year!! For a few months.. No stress and no pressure.. Just FUN!!! The girls are already amazing me and what they have accomplished in just one week!!! Its going to be an awesome summer!! I cant wait!!! :-)

What else...
Oh.. Were having a baby in ohhhh.. Just a month!!!!! Im excited, scared, nervous, anxious, impatient, and whatever else you can throw in there! Pregnancy has really been pretty good to me.. I never really dealt with morning sickness.. Ive felt pretty good through out the entire pregnancy.. Only thing ive really dealt with is being tired, not sleeping much, and some pretty crazy heartburn.. But those are pretty minor things in the grand scheme of things.. This 9 months has gone by so fast.. Cant believe we will meet our sweet girl in just a few weeks!!
Yesterday was my baby shower.. It was beyond perfect! My soon to be sister in law and one of my gymnasts moms thats become a dear friend put together the whole thing.. They went above and beyond and it was the perfect way to celebrate this little girl thats on her way!! The decorations were perfect.. All the tiny details made it a day I wont forget! It was a great turn out and I got some wonderful things! We are very blessed to have so many people care about us!!

 Lots of good things going on.. Lots of exciting times to come.. Everything seems to be on track with the baby. Gotten good reports from my dr. Her room is almost done.. Just time to start getting the last details taken care of.. Were still trying to figure out how we will get through me taking some time off work and then cutting my hours back ALOT in the summer months.. But hopefully a couple things will come through and workout and we will not be quite so strapped... I want nothing more than to have this time off with my daughter... My job doesnt have maternity leave and its going to be tough going a few weeks without a paycheck.. Hoepfully everything will work out.. Thank goodness we have some people that have really offered to step in and help out.. Very very blessed to have some of the people I do in my life..

On that note.. Ive got to get off here and get to work.. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!! :-) Happy Easter!!