Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was such a good day! The weather was beautiful and for once Gabe and I were both off work and got the whole day to ourselves.. This doesn't happen to often.. I was pretty excited since I worked the last 2 weekends and he worked all day Saturday... I worry sometimes that we don't really get to spend much quality time together.. Our schedules are so opposite and when he's coming home I'm going to work.. He leaves in the morning when I'm asleep and when I get home at night he's asleep.. His phone rings alot with work stuff and I tend to be on my phone a lot with gym stuff too.. So I really look forward to the weekends when we're both off work and can be off our phones.. I think spending time with your spouse is important.. Really being able to enjoy yourselves, talk, laugh, and just have a good time. With Gabe almost always working 6 days a week and right now being my busy season at work it seems like we are always missing each other. We dont get that many days that it's just us and we have no plans or stuff to do and can just do whatever it is we want.. So yesterday we took full advantage of the pretty weather and loaded up the dogs and headed out... We went and got the arctic cat, sandwiches, and some minnows and headed to the water.. A friend of Gabes owns some land with a pretty big man made lake on it.. It's really pretty out there and the dogs absolutely love it.. We rode the arctic cat around, well Gabe did.. I sat in my chair and tried to fish... I didnt do so great.. Just caught one... The dogs ran and played and swam.. They were exhausted when we finally left.. From there we headed to get some movies and then to the store for some groceries.. I found a recipe on pinterest for ranch pork chops and we decided to try it and it turned out great!!! So we enjoyed a great day, great dinner, and then a great evening of movies!!

I cant wait until Ms. Dylynn gets here and our little family can enjoy days like this all together! Dont get me wrong.. I love spending time with my family and I most definitely want Dylynn close to her grandparents but every family needs time to just themselves.. I look forward to so many Simple Sundays with Gabe and Dylynn.. :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!!

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