Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One less thing to worry about.. Hopefully..


Ive been stressing somewhat about where the baby will go this summer when I start back to work.. Depending on when she comes I may only get about 3-4 weeks at home with her.. :( I am not going back to work full time this summer but still I have a feeling the 4ish or so hours away from her are going to be alot harder than I anticipate... BUT... My  mama has really taken a load off my nerves and so wonderfully volunteered to keep the baby 3 days a week while I am at work... (thank gosh for retirement) My original plan was to take the baby to work with me the other 2 days a week but thats not going to be an option...  Ive talked with a friend that has TONS of baby experience and she LOVES babies and I think it will work that she can keep miss priss the days that my mom cant.. This makes me feel SOOOOO much better!

Now.. What to do after our short 7 week summer session... In August at work we switch back to our school schedule and my hours will increase.. My mom will still keep the baby a few days a week.. But Im not sure what I will do on the days she cant keep her and in the evenings since I work in the evenings and Gabe doesnt get off at a certain time every day... In a perfect world Ill be able to start my girls earlier in the afternoon and get done earlier in the evening.. Keep your fingers crossed this is what Im hoping for.. :-) Doesnt hurt to hope!

Im not the most organized person in the world.. But I have a feeling that is all about to change.. In order to get myself to work and get the baby where she needs to be then get her picked up and make sure she has all the things she needs.. Im going to have to get my act together.. Prepare ahead of time.. Just might make things a little easier...

Went to the dr yesterday for my knee.. Wasnt the greatest news... Got alot of issues going on and looks like after the baby comes Ill be having surgery at some point.. Lovely huh??!! This summer.. A newborn baby & knee surgery! Could be interesting!! :-/

Yesterday was one of those days that I really LOVE my job... Girls are working so hard right now.. They are listening and paying alot of attention to the tiny details that just really arent that much fun to mess with but... Its part of it and we just have to make changes sometimes and really jump on the details of their routines.. Ive seen some big changes in some of my kids this year and it just makes me smile and look forward to what is to come! Just 2 more meets then we head to state and then hopefully Ill be taking some kiddos to regionals this year!! :-) Also this week my mama stopped by the gym and the girls got a big kick out of this... Mom just jumped right in there telling the girls this and that! They were cracking up!! Mom explained to them that they have to "priss pot" up their floor routines! The girls were rolling! Mom really got into helping one of my level 8's on bars and was acting out the correction that needed to be made.. We were dying!! She might just have to come out of coaching retirement once in a while.. To help.. or to make the girls laugh!! :-) It was alot of fun!!


  1. Why are you only getting 3-4 weeks at home? That's not good :( I wish you had longer with her. Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. I want to see some belly pictures!