Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was such a good day! The weather was beautiful and for once Gabe and I were both off work and got the whole day to ourselves.. This doesn't happen to often.. I was pretty excited since I worked the last 2 weekends and he worked all day Saturday... I worry sometimes that we don't really get to spend much quality time together.. Our schedules are so opposite and when he's coming home I'm going to work.. He leaves in the morning when I'm asleep and when I get home at night he's asleep.. His phone rings alot with work stuff and I tend to be on my phone a lot with gym stuff too.. So I really look forward to the weekends when we're both off work and can be off our phones.. I think spending time with your spouse is important.. Really being able to enjoy yourselves, talk, laugh, and just have a good time. With Gabe almost always working 6 days a week and right now being my busy season at work it seems like we are always missing each other. We dont get that many days that it's just us and we have no plans or stuff to do and can just do whatever it is we want.. So yesterday we took full advantage of the pretty weather and loaded up the dogs and headed out... We went and got the arctic cat, sandwiches, and some minnows and headed to the water.. A friend of Gabes owns some land with a pretty big man made lake on it.. It's really pretty out there and the dogs absolutely love it.. We rode the arctic cat around, well Gabe did.. I sat in my chair and tried to fish... I didnt do so great.. Just caught one... The dogs ran and played and swam.. They were exhausted when we finally left.. From there we headed to get some movies and then to the store for some groceries.. I found a recipe on pinterest for ranch pork chops and we decided to try it and it turned out great!!! So we enjoyed a great day, great dinner, and then a great evening of movies!!

I cant wait until Ms. Dylynn gets here and our little family can enjoy days like this all together! Dont get me wrong.. I love spending time with my family and I most definitely want Dylynn close to her grandparents but every family needs time to just themselves.. I look forward to so many Simple Sundays with Gabe and Dylynn.. :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One less thing to worry about.. Hopefully..


Ive been stressing somewhat about where the baby will go this summer when I start back to work.. Depending on when she comes I may only get about 3-4 weeks at home with her.. :( I am not going back to work full time this summer but still I have a feeling the 4ish or so hours away from her are going to be alot harder than I anticipate... BUT... My  mama has really taken a load off my nerves and so wonderfully volunteered to keep the baby 3 days a week while I am at work... (thank gosh for retirement) My original plan was to take the baby to work with me the other 2 days a week but thats not going to be an option...  Ive talked with a friend that has TONS of baby experience and she LOVES babies and I think it will work that she can keep miss priss the days that my mom cant.. This makes me feel SOOOOO much better!

Now.. What to do after our short 7 week summer session... In August at work we switch back to our school schedule and my hours will increase.. My mom will still keep the baby a few days a week.. But Im not sure what I will do on the days she cant keep her and in the evenings since I work in the evenings and Gabe doesnt get off at a certain time every day... In a perfect world Ill be able to start my girls earlier in the afternoon and get done earlier in the evening.. Keep your fingers crossed this is what Im hoping for.. :-) Doesnt hurt to hope!

Im not the most organized person in the world.. But I have a feeling that is all about to change.. In order to get myself to work and get the baby where she needs to be then get her picked up and make sure she has all the things she needs.. Im going to have to get my act together.. Prepare ahead of time.. Just might make things a little easier...

Went to the dr yesterday for my knee.. Wasnt the greatest news... Got alot of issues going on and looks like after the baby comes Ill be having surgery at some point.. Lovely huh??!! This summer.. A newborn baby & knee surgery! Could be interesting!! :-/

Yesterday was one of those days that I really LOVE my job... Girls are working so hard right now.. They are listening and paying alot of attention to the tiny details that just really arent that much fun to mess with but... Its part of it and we just have to make changes sometimes and really jump on the details of their routines.. Ive seen some big changes in some of my kids this year and it just makes me smile and look forward to what is to come! Just 2 more meets then we head to state and then hopefully Ill be taking some kiddos to regionals this year!! :-) Also this week my mama stopped by the gym and the girls got a big kick out of this... Mom just jumped right in there telling the girls this and that! They were cracking up!! Mom explained to them that they have to "priss pot" up their floor routines! The girls were rolling! Mom really got into helping one of my level 8's on bars and was acting out the correction that needed to be made.. We were dying!! She might just have to come out of coaching retirement once in a while.. To help.. or to make the girls laugh!! :-) It was alot of fun!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little bit of this & that....

I havent blogged in a while... I have been so busy and when Im not so busy Im just worn out so.. The Blog has been neglected.. Ill try and do better!!

About me...
Well I am almost 29 weeks along... Some days I just cant believe it & other days I feel like Ive been pregnant forever... Ive felt really pretty good the majority of the time but lately I have just felt blah.. Ive been so tired and worn out all the time.. Im not sleeping much at all due to the fact that I have to pee every hour at night.. A little over a week ago I was at a gymnastics meet with my girls and just sort of stepped funny when I stepped off of a mat and my knee made a weird noise.. I didnt think anything of it but 8 hours later and by the time I got to go home I was hurting pretty bad and my knee was the size of a small country... So to the dr I went.. Looks like a torn miniscus & ACL.. I could not believe it... Of all times to do this I pick when Im 7 months pregnant! Are you kidding me?? Im guessing its probably an old gymnastics injury but who knows... Needless to say that it makes it even harder to get around and Im just not real happy about it. I go back to the Dr today so Ill know more this afternoon... This has just really rained on my parade.. I was doing really good with walking on my treadmill and doing the elliptical several times a week and was doing pretty good with keeping weight gain to a minimum... Now I cant really exercise much and its really getting me down... I still have a ways to go and would rather not turn into the good year blimp... :/

On another note... I know I have said it before but good lord I love my mama... This past weekend Gabe and I went to OKC for a gymnastics meet.. My mom is wonderful and keeps our fur babies pretty much anytime we need her to.. Its great because I dont trust to many people to take care of them even half as good as Gabe and I do. So anyways we get the boys dropped off with my mama and get on the road.. About an hour in to our trip I get a phone call from a some what hysterical mama.. The dogs have taken off after a deer or something and have gone off in the woods and at this point she had been calling them for at least 20 minutes.. No puppies... Well mom proceeds to take off in the woods and walks around by herself for over an hour crying and calling the dogs... I have to be in OKC to work so we cant turn around... I was more than prepared to send Gabe home and ride home with some friends but we had to at least get to OKC first before he could turn around... Phone calls & texts go back & forth for almost 2 hours and FINALLY mom calls and says she has the boys... They were just laying in the woods... Exhausted from whatever they had been chasing... She could barely get them up and get them to walk back to the house... If you walk in the woods behind my parents house there is a steep hill.. It goes straight down then straight up... Mom walked basically for 45 minutes in a straight line away from the house... She walked a LONG ways.. I am so thankful she didnt give up and found my boys.. They get these wild hair hairs sometimes and decide they need to go on adventures.. Mean while give everyone else a small heart attack!! Thank goodness for my mom! Just another one of the many reasons!

What else??

All is good in the world of baby Dylynn.. Things checked out great at our last appointment! Shes growing and moving around all the time.. Pretty neat feeling! We go back next week for another ultrasound and our 4D!! Pretty excited to see our sweet girl!! The nursery looks great! Not all the way done just yet but we have made a great start! Mom did an awesome job painting!! Mom & Gabe got all the furniture in and a few decorations put up.. Gabe did an amazing job hanging her curtains up! Between my sweet gym girls & their moms and my mom making the occasional shopping trip her little closet is filling up with the cutest outfits, hairbows, and the tiniest little shoes.. I cant wait until she gets here!! Its really coming together and I LOVE IT!! So thankful for my mom & Gabe and how much they have helped out!


Well meet season is just about over! Cant believe Im saying that! Seems like we really just got started... 2 more meets then its time for state and hopefully regionals! My little team has had some ups and downs this year.. Injuries and illness but hopefully we are all passed that and finally on our way to some awesome workouts and some awesome last few meets! We competed this past weekend and the girls did great!!! We had several season high scores on events, event champs, all around champs and their team score came up alot!! Very proud of these kiddos! I didnt even have my entire team there.. I was missing 2 kids so thats less scores were able to possibly count but... The girls did awesome and hit their routines and scores were pretty fantabulous!!! From just a few of the stories I heard about what went on in the stands... I think the parents had a pretty great time together too! Gabe was up in the stands this past weekend hanging out with the man crowd and he had a great time and lots of laughs!! It was a good day for Flame!!

Guess thats about all the news I have for now.. I have tried to type fast and update yall.. But I have to get to the dr.. So.. Hope everyone has a great day!!! :-)