Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions!!

Well... What are your resolutions???


To be the very best new mama I can be....

To be a better wife, friend, coach, sister, and daughter..

Make it much more of a priority to spend time with my dearest friends..

Get in the best shape after this little girl gets here!! Like the shape I was in when I was a level 10 gymnast!

Get some bills paid off.. Make a budget and stick to it..

Get my entire house inside and out organized and clean and then keep it that way!

I think I'd like to find a church and start going on a much more regular basis..

Keep building a relationship with my mom and dad... Things at times have been rocky between my parents and myself due to my not so great ability to always make the best decisions but they have gotten so much better in the last year or so.. Besides Gabe and miss priss on the way my parents are the absolute most important people to me..

Just to make this year all about the positive! Ignore peoples negative opinions.. Better myself, my growing family, and be the type of person our daughter will be proud of!!

So... Again.. What are your resolutions??

Happy New Year

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