Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch up...

Well it's been a little while since my last blog... So here's a little bit of what's been going on..

We found us some nursery furniture for Ms. Dylynn's room! I love it! I love the fact more that we paid cash for it.. Got a great deal and I don't have to make any payments on it.. :) My birthday was last week.. It was great.. Spoiled doesn't even cut it... My gymnasts got me so much cool stuff... They are so good to me! My mother in law met me at the nail salon and we got our nails done... My sweet husband got me a mattress for Dylynn's crib.. Sent me some gorgeous flowers at work.. Got me a new phone cover and the sweetest necklace from Zales... He ended it all with some awesome sushi & noodles from Shoguns he picked up for me!! Love him! My parents took me out for dinner and surprised me with my bedding I wanted for the nursery!!!!! I absolutely love it!! My mom jumped right on the ball and got paint for the nursery too.. So now just got to get Gabe to tape off the room and we can get started! I'm so excited to get it all put together!

This past weekend my optional gymnasts and I traveled to Tulsa for the Tulsa World Invitational... This is a huge meet.. Big competition! Well... Let me tell ya... My girls did flipping awesome!!!! My level 7's made some big improvements! We raised our team score quite a bit! Very proud of these girls!!! My level 8's looked the best they have all season!!!! My 9 year old my huge improvements on 3 out 4 events! She was 4th all around and was the youngest in her age group!! My 13 year olds cleaned up in their age age group! Mary won 2 events and was 2nd all around!! Zoey won vault and the all around!! This was big for zoey... She has been struggling with a pretty severe hip injury for over a year now... She has spent the majority of the past year watching her teammates practice and compete and only been able to cheer them on from the side lines with me... Well I'm hoping those days are over and she is back now! This girl loves gymnastics and loves her teammates and I'm so happy seeing her out there again and doing well! My oldest level 8 will be 14 this week.. She didn't have her best meet but made improvements in several places and finished in the top half of her age group!! But no matter how Madie does she always remains upbeat & positive and keeps encouraging her team mates!!! I have some pretty awesome girls!!! My level 7s & 8s are what this sport is all about and I just love that I am the one that gets to work with them every single day! We head to Oklahoma City in a few weeks! Wish us luck!

What else...
Oh.... My very best friend has finally announced that she is pregnant too! I could not be happier for this girl! Crystal and I have been through so much in the past 11 years and I think of her as my sister and I would've never dreamed we would both be pregnant at the same time!!!! She is one of the best people I know... She is an amazing mama to her 3 boys!! I have to say I would love for this new baby to be a girl... But she is such an incredible boy mama and my gosh her and Chris make handsome boys so I dont really care... Boy or girl... Just bless her with a healthy baby!!! Pregnancy is definitely in the water now... I have a cousin that's expecting as well.. Several girls I went to school with are expecting.. And then several other friends are expecting too... It's a very exciting time... It's nice sharing this with other people and having people to go to with questions since this is my first rodeo!!
It's hard to believe how fast this time is flying by.... I found out at 5 weeks and now Im 25 weeks... I'm enjoying every minute except the back aches.. Other than that life is good right now!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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