Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby it's cold!!!!

Well it finally started to feel like winter this week and this girl is loving it! I love winter time! Don't get me wrong I love summer to but you just can't beat warm fires, snuggled up with the pups, and something warm to drink! So I've enjoyed the cold weather this week but I have a feeling it won't last long... :(

My girls have really been working hard these last few weeks... Their dedication and commitment really surprises me sometimes... When I know they have so much going on outside of the gym and they still show up for practice ready to work hard each day.. Makes me proud... We have a meet this weekend in Pine Bluff... Looking forward to watching their hardwork pay off!!!

Well..... I have finally started doing a little baby shopping here and there... Let me tell ya... I could find myself in the poor house too quickly if I don't watch it! They are soooooooo many adorable baby girl outfits and accessories! I absolutely love the big hair bows.. I love the little shoes and sandals.. The little dresses are just too much.. I want it all! :) We ordered the baby's bedding this week! I'm in love with it! My mom helped me find a few good websites and I found a design I just fell in love with! I tried to shop around but it didn't work... Kept coming back to this one particular pattern and I ordered it this week.. My oh so wonderful mama AKA GiGi and my Oma helped me out with the cost so I got off pretty lucky with some pretty fantabulous bedding and I can't wait to get it here!!!! I've started looking at nursery furniture and oh my geez... So many choices! I've yet to make a decision on that.. I'm heading to Tulsa next weekend so I'm hoping the shopping is better there than here in good ole fort smith! :)

All is well with me and baby... Heart burn has set in though and I'm not a fan but so far this has been the worst part so I'm not going to complain to much! Other than wanting to sleep more than usual this pregnancy has been pretty darn kind to me... Don't want to speak to soon but it really has.. Definitely been blessed.. Hopefully things continue as they have been.. If you haven't heard the baby does finally have a name.... Miss Dylynn Mae Gryner!!!! :) and I can't wait to meet her!

What else? We finally finished our goat pin.. Well Gabe finished it.. I did a whole lot of nothing but watch.. It's great! Lulu has moved out of the backyard to a big nice pin and then gained 2 new goaty friends.. Belle & Rocky... So now we have 3.. They seem to be getting along but I think lulu misses being with the dogs so much but we go visit them every day.. It's nice having my farm animal out of the back yard.. She wasnt so careful about where she pottied and you can only take so many goat pebble explosions on the back porch!! :)

Guess that's about it.. I'd add pictures but haven't figured out how to from my iPad just yet... Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. love the name!!! and we just got some goats too! haha!!! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures! (PS. I tagged you in a post over on my blog! :))