Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Advice & thoughts welcome...

Ok.. So ive been thinking for a while about what I am going to do as far as my work hours go once this sweet baby bundle of joy decides to make her grand debut...

She is due in May so I plan to take off the month of May and first week of June.. Im hoping she comes on time so I will have 4 weeks at home with her... I dont get maternity leave so this is just about all the time I can afford to go right now without working at all.. Then we will start our summer schedule and I plan to cut my hours back quite a bit through the summer schedule.. This will give me about another 7 weeks with a lot more time at home with our sweet baby...

The big question is what to do in August when my schedule gets a lot more hectic and I typically work alot more hours...

I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to quit my job... Some may think that is crazy but life just isnt fun when living paycheck to paycheck and struggling 24/7... I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE my job.. I genuinely look forward to seeing my girls every single day... I spend close to 20 hours a week with my kiddos and I some of them more than there own parents do because they are busy working and running siblings to other activities... When one of them is sick or hurt and unable to come to practice our whole team feels it.. We are a little family of our own... So.. Again.. I do NOT want to quit my job by any means at all... I just want to find a happy medium...

If I had a job where I could be home at a decent hour I wouldnt worry at all... But thats not the case when you coach gymnastics... The earliest I get home through the week is 7pm.. But two nights of the week im not home until 9pm and then one night I get home at 8pm... From what I hear those are sort of later hours for a baby... It absolutely breaks my heart to think I may not get to feed my sweet girl dinner, give her a bath, and rock her to sleep at night... On another note.. Gabe's schedule is completely  unpredictable and he never knows where he will be at what time.. He does not get off work at the same time each day so it will be hard to depend on him to be able to get the baby every day when I have to be at work in the evenings.. I dont know most of the time when Gabe will be home or even where he is working that day.. Its just the nature of his job and we have to learn to some how work around it.. But knowing that.. I dont want to have to rely on my sweet mama more than I already am and ask her to keep the baby every time I head to work and Gabe isnt able to get off work... My mom has already volunteered to help out so much I hate to ask her to do even more.. Shes a retired lady these days.. And let me tell ya that does NOT mean you slow down... It means she goes non stop twice as much and enjoys each day to the absolute fullest! :-) Shes a pretty amazing lady!! :-)

My ultimate hope & wish is that I will be able to get my girls in a little earlier so that I can get them out a little earlier putting me home earlier to spend my evenings with my little family... They are just little once and I dont want to give up all this time with her right off the bat.. But I also have to bring home a paycheck.. In a perfect world starting & finishing gym earlier will be what happens but who knows if thats even an option... I am getting a later start on this baby making than pretty much all of my friends and just about all of them have stopped working or just work part time now... Again.. I DO NOT want to stop working.. But even part time if Im not able to adjust workout times means working until late in the evening.. What to do.. What to do...

How did some of you deal with your work schedules and having a baby? When I am supposed to start back full time my little girl will just be about 11 weeks old.. Im brand new at all this but that just sounds like she is still just a little bitty baby to me.. How did you adjust? Any tricks and ideas? What did you do in the evenings if you worked later and your other half wasnt home yet to take over?

Any suggestions and thoughts are welcome.. As long as there helpful ;-) I know what works for one doesnt necessarily work for another but.. Its still nice to ask...

This is why quitting my job just isnt an option....

If you dont enjoy your job as much as I do.. You should really consider a career change!! :-) My lil girl has so many "big sisters" already!! Shes a lucky girl!!

On another note... Some sweet girls are throwing me a baby shower! Im getting pretty excited about this!! I think I am more excited about this than I was my wedding shower! Its just a different feeling altogether really.. But either way I cant wait!!!

Guess thats about all I have today.... What ya think???

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch up...

Well it's been a little while since my last blog... So here's a little bit of what's been going on..

We found us some nursery furniture for Ms. Dylynn's room! I love it! I love the fact more that we paid cash for it.. Got a great deal and I don't have to make any payments on it.. :) My birthday was last week.. It was great.. Spoiled doesn't even cut it... My gymnasts got me so much cool stuff... They are so good to me! My mother in law met me at the nail salon and we got our nails done... My sweet husband got me a mattress for Dylynn's crib.. Sent me some gorgeous flowers at work.. Got me a new phone cover and the sweetest necklace from Zales... He ended it all with some awesome sushi & noodles from Shoguns he picked up for me!! Love him! My parents took me out for dinner and surprised me with my bedding I wanted for the nursery!!!!! I absolutely love it!! My mom jumped right on the ball and got paint for the nursery too.. So now just got to get Gabe to tape off the room and we can get started! I'm so excited to get it all put together!

This past weekend my optional gymnasts and I traveled to Tulsa for the Tulsa World Invitational... This is a huge meet.. Big competition! Well... Let me tell ya... My girls did flipping awesome!!!! My level 7's made some big improvements! We raised our team score quite a bit! Very proud of these girls!!! My level 8's looked the best they have all season!!!! My 9 year old my huge improvements on 3 out 4 events! She was 4th all around and was the youngest in her age group!! My 13 year olds cleaned up in their age age group! Mary won 2 events and was 2nd all around!! Zoey won vault and the all around!! This was big for zoey... She has been struggling with a pretty severe hip injury for over a year now... She has spent the majority of the past year watching her teammates practice and compete and only been able to cheer them on from the side lines with me... Well I'm hoping those days are over and she is back now! This girl loves gymnastics and loves her teammates and I'm so happy seeing her out there again and doing well! My oldest level 8 will be 14 this week.. She didn't have her best meet but made improvements in several places and finished in the top half of her age group!! But no matter how Madie does she always remains upbeat & positive and keeps encouraging her team mates!!! I have some pretty awesome girls!!! My level 7s & 8s are what this sport is all about and I just love that I am the one that gets to work with them every single day! We head to Oklahoma City in a few weeks! Wish us luck!

What else...
Oh.... My very best friend has finally announced that she is pregnant too! I could not be happier for this girl! Crystal and I have been through so much in the past 11 years and I think of her as my sister and I would've never dreamed we would both be pregnant at the same time!!!! She is one of the best people I know... She is an amazing mama to her 3 boys!! I have to say I would love for this new baby to be a girl... But she is such an incredible boy mama and my gosh her and Chris make handsome boys so I dont really care... Boy or girl... Just bless her with a healthy baby!!! Pregnancy is definitely in the water now... I have a cousin that's expecting as well.. Several girls I went to school with are expecting.. And then several other friends are expecting too... It's a very exciting time... It's nice sharing this with other people and having people to go to with questions since this is my first rodeo!!
It's hard to believe how fast this time is flying by.... I found out at 5 weeks and now Im 25 weeks... I'm enjoying every minute except the back aches.. Other than that life is good right now!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby it's cold!!!!

Well it finally started to feel like winter this week and this girl is loving it! I love winter time! Don't get me wrong I love summer to but you just can't beat warm fires, snuggled up with the pups, and something warm to drink! So I've enjoyed the cold weather this week but I have a feeling it won't last long... :(

My girls have really been working hard these last few weeks... Their dedication and commitment really surprises me sometimes... When I know they have so much going on outside of the gym and they still show up for practice ready to work hard each day.. Makes me proud... We have a meet this weekend in Pine Bluff... Looking forward to watching their hardwork pay off!!!

Well..... I have finally started doing a little baby shopping here and there... Let me tell ya... I could find myself in the poor house too quickly if I don't watch it! They are soooooooo many adorable baby girl outfits and accessories! I absolutely love the big hair bows.. I love the little shoes and sandals.. The little dresses are just too much.. I want it all! :) We ordered the baby's bedding this week! I'm in love with it! My mom helped me find a few good websites and I found a design I just fell in love with! I tried to shop around but it didn't work... Kept coming back to this one particular pattern and I ordered it this week.. My oh so wonderful mama AKA GiGi and my Oma helped me out with the cost so I got off pretty lucky with some pretty fantabulous bedding and I can't wait to get it here!!!! I've started looking at nursery furniture and oh my geez... So many choices! I've yet to make a decision on that.. I'm heading to Tulsa next weekend so I'm hoping the shopping is better there than here in good ole fort smith! :)

All is well with me and baby... Heart burn has set in though and I'm not a fan but so far this has been the worst part so I'm not going to complain to much! Other than wanting to sleep more than usual this pregnancy has been pretty darn kind to me... Don't want to speak to soon but it really has.. Definitely been blessed.. Hopefully things continue as they have been.. If you haven't heard the baby does finally have a name.... Miss Dylynn Mae Gryner!!!! :) and I can't wait to meet her!

What else? We finally finished our goat pin.. Well Gabe finished it.. I did a whole lot of nothing but watch.. It's great! Lulu has moved out of the backyard to a big nice pin and then gained 2 new goaty friends.. Belle & Rocky... So now we have 3.. They seem to be getting along but I think lulu misses being with the dogs so much but we go visit them every day.. It's nice having my farm animal out of the back yard.. She wasnt so careful about where she pottied and you can only take so many goat pebble explosions on the back porch!! :)

Guess that's about it.. I'd add pictures but haven't figured out how to from my iPad just yet... Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a day.......

Well yesterday morning I woke up pretty early due to the fact my dogs were going nuts.... This isn't out of the ordinary.. So for a little while I shut them out of my room turned on all the fans and put my head under the covers... This didnt last long... The dogs would not be quiet... Sooooo... I get up and try to see what's going on... Well... I look out my front windows and my yard is full of fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and tow trucks.... (apparently I'm a heavy sleeper) a helicopter landed in our front yard as well... About this time I see a vehicle in our ditch.... About this time I get a phone call from a close friend that had already heard there was a bad wreck by my house... So I'm starting to put all the pieces together and it's just devastating...
A mom and her 2 kiddos were traveling down kibler road.. The son was driving.. As all kids can't wait to do when they get their permits.. I don't know details as to how the wreck happened but some how control was lost and the vehicle crashed into the small concrete bridge that goes from kibler road to mays branch... I can only imagine that it all happened in the blink of an eye... I have had several pretty bad car wrecks and from the moment you know something is wrong until the time the vehicle stops moving time seems to stand still... It's a really weird calm and just doesn't seem real.. It was unreal seeing this play out.. Seeing the ambulances leave and the vehicle slowly pulled out was indescribable..
I do not know the family personally... But my husband does and some of our very close friends are very close to this family.. From what we were told the mom didn't make it... Everything I have heard about this woman makes me feel like I know her... Ive read things that her friends and family have posted and this lady just sounds incredible.. She loved her family more than anything.. Her husband and kids were her life... I read a post and someone said she was an amazing soul that lit up rooms just by walking in them... Heaven was given a gift yesterday morning and they received a new angel... Both kids were taken to st Edwards I believe and later taken to children's in little rock... I believe both kids sustained some extremely serious injuries but were both stable last night.. I have heard other details about the injuries but I dont know if my info is correct so I'm just hoping and continually saying prayers that these kids pull out of this the very best they possibly can...
I pray for the husband and father to be able to find strength for himself and his kids... I pray he is able to find some sort of peace with the tragedy of suddenly losing his wife.. I pray these kids recover quickly and are able to just hug their dad and they start rebuilding their lives together.. I dont know why these things happen to good people when you least expect it.. No one deserves this kind of pain and sorrow... I will continue to pray for this family and just hope they can pick up the pieces and start again...
This whole ordeal has just really made me think.. I truly can not imagine going through something like this... I will be a first time parent this spring.. This baby is not even here yet but it's incredible how you find out your expecting and in that instant you know you would do anything and everything to protect your family... I am not the best at showing it or expressing it... But I could not imagine my life without Gabe and I pray I never have to.. I hope I can learn to not take things and people for granted... Tell people I love them and hug them every chance I get.. We are never promised tomorrow so I hope I can make the most of today..
Prayers & love for the Hogan family..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions!!

Well... What are your resolutions???


To be the very best new mama I can be....

To be a better wife, friend, coach, sister, and daughter..

Make it much more of a priority to spend time with my dearest friends..

Get in the best shape after this little girl gets here!! Like the shape I was in when I was a level 10 gymnast!

Get some bills paid off.. Make a budget and stick to it..

Get my entire house inside and out organized and clean and then keep it that way!

I think I'd like to find a church and start going on a much more regular basis..

Keep building a relationship with my mom and dad... Things at times have been rocky between my parents and myself due to my not so great ability to always make the best decisions but they have gotten so much better in the last year or so.. Besides Gabe and miss priss on the way my parents are the absolute most important people to me..

Just to make this year all about the positive! Ignore peoples negative opinions.. Better myself, my growing family, and be the type of person our daughter will be proud of!!

So... Again.. What are your resolutions??

Happy New Year