Friday, December 2, 2011



Nothing to to to exciting going on this week.. Gabe & I have both been feeling like poo all week.. Sinus issues... Coughing.. Sore throats.. Headaches.. You know all sorts of fun stuff.. Hopefully this weekend I will catch up on some rest and feel better.. But I do have a few things planned for this weekend so we will see about that rest part.. ;-)

Last week I had been talking to my mom about decorating our front door for Christmas.. My mom is the creative one in our bunch.. She always has cute neat ideas when it comes to decorating and trying to be crafty.. Me.. Not so much.. So anyways.. My oh so fabulous mama calls me up on Tuesday and tells me to meet her.. So I do.. She went and got me and my soon to be sister in law all the stuff we would need to decorate our front doors.. Pretty cool huh??!! So we plan on doing that sometime this weekend.. Also looking forward to getting the rest of our Christmas lights put on the house.. I love love love christmas lights and cant wait to have ours done! I also hope to do some Christmas shopping this weekend as well.. I love getting gifts for people.. But my patience often gets the best of me because as soon as they are wrapped I want people to open them right then!! :-)

I need to brag on the Mr.. for a minute.. My husband is not a man that typically does to many household chores.. He does the outside stuff except for mowing.. Thats my job.. By choice.. I love to mow for some weird reason.. But anyways.. This week.. Gabe has as I said not felt the best.. But that boy has done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, picked up around the house, done laundry.... And.. put laundry away! Talk about a huge help!! Just one of the many reasons I love him... :-)

Well... Monday is the big day if everything goes according to plan... We have "the appointment".. Cant wait to find out if were having a gymnast or a football player!! But I have a feeling this baby might be just a little bit like his/her parents and be stubborn and maybe not let us see if she's a girl or he's a boy.. But hopefully our little angel baby cooperates!! :-) I think what excites me the most is telling my mom & dad.. They will just be the best GiGi & Grumpy there ever was.. And I absolutely can NOT wait to tell my girls!!! They make being pregnant alot of fun!!! :-)

What else...
My girls have another competition next weekend!! Im excited! Its in Fayetteville and hosted by my former coaches! I love getting to see them and I usually see a few of my old team mates and lots of friendly familiar faces!! My girls have been working hard and cant wait to see how they do!

Today is a very special day!! Its my best friends birthday!! Crystal Miller Morse!! I cant even begin to tell you what this girl means to me! Weve been friends for about 11 years now and I just dont even know what I would do with out her!!! Hope she has the best day!!!

Guess thats all the news I have for now!! Have a great weekend!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Crystal & I from my wedding!!! Love her!!!

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  1. I love the 1st picture!! Can't wait 'til Monday! I also posted and may post again on my blog!!!