Saturday, December 31, 2011

Opinions & 2012....

Well.. Its been awhile since Ive blogged... Ive been pretty busy with meet season really getting under way & of course the holidays!! :-)

Gabe & I had a great Christmas.. To say the least.. Lil miss Gryner is already spoiled and shes not even here yet.. Her GiGi (my mama) and Great Oma (my grandma) got her some pretty neat stuff and some of the cutest clothes.. I am going to have so much fun with this little girl and can not wait to get her here!! The bigger the bows and the more sparkly stuff I can find the better!! Christmas was a lot of fun... My grandparents were able to join us this year.. Its been way to long since we've been able to spend a holiday with them and it was wonderful.. What a blessing!

2012 is quickly approaching.. This year is going to be a huge year for Gabe and I... Our little family of 2 will become a party of 3.. I will become a mom... Shortly after that become a working mom.. That idea alone stresses me out.. Thank goodness GiGi finally retired and will be able to babysit while Im at work most of the time.. Huge weight off my shoulders.. I will finally get a sister.. I could not be more happy about this.. She will be not only the only aunt but she will be the best!! She has become a great friend of mine over the last year and she will be such a wonderful addition to our  family!! I get a new cousin this year too.. Our family will finally have cousins really close in age and in the same grade!!! Watch out schools!! :-) Its going to be an amazing year and I cant wait to see just what all 2012 has in store!

2012 Resolutions:


I want to work on the fact that I dont really give a rats rear about most peoples opinions! Thats some what blunt but its the truth.. I often allow what people say and do to effect me and my life in a negative way.. Ive always heard pregnant women say be careful what info you put out there and give people about stuff you want to do and things you would like for your baby.. Guess what??!! Not everyone will agree with you... Surprised huh?? Even when people are not asked they find the need to put their 2 cents out there about MY baby... Last time I checked its not  YOUR baby and I dont really need your opinion!! So why do I care and why do I let it bother me and why do I let myself get upset about something that in the end doesnt matter to a hill of beans!!! My answer.. I dont know.. There are people I go to for advice & guidance and I really do value what they have to tell me.. But why is it the people you dont ask always make their opinion known even if its not their place to do so? I try to be some what open minded but you can only take so much... I have worked with many kids over the years and encountered many families.. All of which do things differently.. Some of the things people do leave me speechless.. Some things some kids are allowed to do leaves me speechless and baffled.. The way some kids are allowed to act and treat others.. The way some adults carry themselves and treat others.. Some are just plain strange and peculiar.. Now if you know me you know I am VERY opinionated.. BUT.. Its not my place to judge these people and its definitely not my place to give or share my opinion... Everyone does things differently.. Everyone thinks differently.. Anyone with kids did not start out a pro.. You learn as you go and you figure it out as you go.. And you just do the best you can...

Well thats my outlook on 2012.. I will do the best I can to become a better wife, a good mother, a better daughter & sister, a better gymnastics coach & role model, a better friend, and just a better person...

There are so many things I am thankful for and I head into 2012 looking to appreciate these people and parts of my life so much more..

My mom... There arent words to express how thankful I am for you and how much I love you.. The example you set for me and the morals and values you have taught me are one of a kind and I love you more than I could ever explain! You have always been there waiting with a hug no matter what.. Theres nothing better than that..

My Daddy.. My hero... This is one amazing man... His ability to work hard and provide for me is incredible.. His ability to love me for exactly who I am, respect my indepence, let me make my own choices to figure out just who I am, and always be there to pick me up when I fall is beyond what any human should really be capable of..

I love this man.. I love him because he loves me for me.. I cant wait to become parents together and start a whole new life as a party of 3!! :)

 My brother & his fabulous crazy italian fiance!! My brother is just a good person... Bottom line.. He works hard. Takes care of the important things and is there when you need him! Kathleen... Is most definitely an incredible bonus for our family! Shes beautful inside and out!

My very best friend in the world.. My oh my.. I love this girl! I love every single thing about her!! Its been an incredible 11 years and the stories we will have to tell when were 90 will make us rich and famous old ladies! ;-)

I absolutely love these girls and their mama's!! These girls make me a better person every day that I get to spend with them! I love their mama's for supporting and encouraging me.. Being there when I need something that has absolutely not one thing to do with gymnastics!! But most of all for making the 10 most amazing girls! :) 

So... After all these wonderful things I have in my life.. I will focus on the all this good and ignore the things people say and do that effect me and my life in a negative way.. When I look at it like this.. How can I not be excited about the future??!! I am!!

Happy New Years everyone!! Stay safe!!
Talk to you all next year! :-)

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