Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My job is better than yours!!!

As meet season kicks off this weekend.. This is what I have to say about my job..

Have I ever mentioned I love love LOVE my job!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that my girls can make me smile every single day just about the entire time I have them.. I try so so so hard to stay "mad" but it just never lasts! They grin and its over with! I dont guess I ever really get mad.. Frustrated is a better way to put it.. But even so I get frustrated and it just never lasts long! They are the very best girls I could ever ask for!

You will not meet young ladies that are more polite, understanding, encouraging, and most of all giving.. I have 5 teenagers now and I will tell you.. I never have to deal with attitudes.. Moodiness yes but NEVER disrespectful attitudes.. If one of them happens to do something that earns them a few running laps you can almost always bet a team mate jumps up and is running with them and encouraging them! Thats not something you can teach kids.. They are just incredible kids..

They are the sweetest.. They constantly ask questions about the baby.. They worry about me doing to much.. Moving mats, setting bars, moving the vault.. I dont have to do much of those things anymore.. They take care of me.. The bring me blocks to sit on when they know Im tired so I dont have to stand up the whole time.. Each week as the baby grows we talk about it and they just light up its the sweetest thing.. My belly has started to show a little bit and they just love it.. I didnt think I would be to crazy about people touching my stomach but as long as its one of my girls I dont mind at all.. Other people.. Different story ;-)

It amazes me how polite they are out in the real world too.. You hear please, thank you, yes mamm, no mamm, yes sir and no sir.. They are very respectful of other people.. They share, they allow people to go ahead of them, they hold doors open for others, and they are always kind to other people... There was instance this summer when I few of our gymnasts went to a camp they were younger competitive kids of ours.. They actually ended up coming home early because they roomed with girls from a different gym that were older than them and the older girls were awful to them.. Locked them out of the room and just did some ugly things to them.. It was heart breaking... If I ever found out any of my 10 girls acted that way you can bet they would be beaten!!! I honestly just dont even think they have it in them to act that way! Good thing!! When we go to meets and I cant find them all eventually Ill find them off talking to other gymnasts from other teams and making new friends!! I love it!

I could not be anymore proud of my girls! The things that have learned while doing the great sport of gymnastics will stick with them through their entire life! Their ability to work hard will lead them to do amazing things.. Their ability to not give up will carry them through the rough spots in their lives! Their ability to hold their chin up high even when they dont finish first but know they did their best will show them that winning isnt everything and coming out on top isnt what its all about.. Just knowing you did your absolute best is all that matters! I can not wait to see what these girls do with their lives!

* I hope to see 10 college graduates!
* I hope to see 10 successful, strong, independent women!
* I hope to see 10 women with a job they love as much I love mine!
* I hope to see 10 women know that the possibilities of their life our endless.. They can do/achieve anything in this world they set their mind to! I hope they know the world is theirs.. They just have to go out there and get it!!!

Last but definitely not least! I have some of the best gym moms out there! We definitely have our moments but I know I can count on them! I love them all for raising these girls as they do! I can only hope I am half the kind of moms that they are.. This sport isnt easy on families and its definitely not cheap... But these mama's just get done what they have to so that their girls can do a sport they love! Its pretty amazing!! They support me and encourage me and for the most part trust my judgement ;-) I have made some amazing friends with some of the mamas and love the fact that they are there for me when I have a melt down or panic attack! Their kind words and their girls sweet smiles can always put a smile right back on my face and for that I am so so so blessed to have them all a part of my life!!!

So... Just know that I am already so so so so proud of you girls... Zoey, Lexi, Madie, Keely, Jules, Mary, Kennedy,Carigan, Adyson, and Lauren... I love each and every one of you and you are already winners in my book!!! I wish you the very best this season!! Go out there and have some fun!!! SMILE!!!! CHIN UP!! You have worked so hard and now its time to go out there and shine!!!! Reach for the stars girls & then reach passed those!!!

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