Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!

Since Thanksgiving is just about here I thought Id try to touch on some of the things I am so so thankful this year..

Its been an incredible year for this girl.. I got married almost a year ago.. I cant believe how fast this year has flown by.. Its been a lot of fun.. A few ups and downs.. But were still kicking and I am so excited to see what the future has in store for these 2 Gryner's!! :-)

I finally feel settled at work. When I first started I helped coach a big group of girls and my style of coaching didnt exactly work for some.. I was the new girl and it was an adjustment for us all.. Well this past January I got the oppurtunity to coach alot of these girls again and I have loved it ever since! We finished the season doing well last year and had a great summer and now this season has started off with some huge improvements! I am loving it!

My mama was able to retire from her job this year.. I am thankful for this because I like to be able to call her even if its not important and the conversation only lasts 12 seconds... I am so happy she gets to spend her days doing all the things that make her happy.. She loves loves loves projects.. She has worked so hard on my parents house this year and made some HUGE changes and its just amazing what this woman can do! I am glad that my daddy has my mama at home every day when he gets home.. Dad loves his home cooked meals and he gets them every single day now.. I just love seeing my hard working parents being able to finally enjoy this life like they should... House projects, lots of fun with long time friends, weekend get aways, and last but not least turning into those crazy Harley riding kids!! I love it!!

My baby brother got engaged this year... This makes me so incredibly happy.. The girl my brother asked to marry him is just absolutely wonderful! She is perfect for him in 101 ways at least!! My brother has been down some hard roads with some.. How can I say this politely... Horrible Horrible Horrible excuses of females... Kathleen is someone that I am excited to call my sister.. She is too funny for her own good.. She is gorgeous inside and out.. She is sincere and honest.. She makes my brother happy and for that I love her even more! I can not wait to see these 2 get married!! Its coming up quick!! ( I got a quick peak at "the dress"... lets just say that my brothers knees will be weak...) :-)

Last but certainly not least.. As you know we are pregnant!! I for one could not be more excited!! I have always been one that said I wanted to get married and have a housefull of kiddos running around.. It just took a little longer to find Gabe than I wouldve ever thought but it was definitely worth the wait. We cant wait til our little prince or princess gets here!! This takes me back to being thankful for my mama not working.. She will be a HUGE part of this babys life and I am so glad that I will have her to help me out! I am so thankful for my brothers fiance'... She will be the only aunt our baby has (for now) and I couldnt have asked for a better one!! Its going to be fun, interesting, crazy Im sure but we just cant wait!!!

We ( I ) am so so so so blessed beyond words! I have so much to be thankful for and its just the beginning!! So much to look forward too!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy all the delicious food & family time!!!

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  1. Just found your blog through someone else's! I'm a new follower! :) And congratulations on your soon to be new addition! How exciting!