Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!

As I have already said.. This is my favorite time of the year.. I just love the holidays!!

I was so excited to put up my Halloween decorations and now I cant wait to take them down and put up my christmas stuff!! Ive gotten some new stuff this year and I am beyond excited to get our house ready for the holidays!! Last year I didnt get to do as much as I wanted because of our wedding and honeymoon.. But thats a pretty good excuse not to decorate huh??!! :-)

My mom makes Christmas so much fun.. Every year we go to the Christmas Eve service at our church.. Then we go to my parents and have my dads birthday party!! Yes, my daddy is a Christmas baby! After his party we usually eat and then open presents with my dad's side of the family.. Its always so much fun.. Then Christmas Day we have a feast at my parents.. Mom can seriously cook and this pregnant girl seriously can not wait!!

Christmas might just be a little bit more special this year because we find out in early December what our baby is!!! I for one can not wait!! I know some people wait and dont find out what they are having.. But I just dont think I could do that! This girl is ready to know if Im having a future razorback football player or a lil gymnast!! Since I found out I have felt like it was a girl but Gabe is dead set on it being a boy... Soooo.. We will see!

So far through this pregnancy Ive been lucky and not been sick.. Yet.. I get nauseous but never sick.. Yet.. I do like to sleep alot now... I could nap every day if I had time.. I go to bed early which is different for me because Ive always been a night owl.. Gabe likes it alot.. That boy needs his beauty sleep! We got to hear the heart beat again yesterday. Its the neatest thing to know there is human being growing inside me.. I just cant wait!!

No pictures with this post.. Sorry..

Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Everyone get ready to call those hogs this weekend!! This girl will be at the game cheering her heart out!! #7 playing #9 thats a big deal!!! WPS!!!


  1. I'm excited for Christmas and Dec. 1st!!!!!!!:)