Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st Meet of 2011-2012 Season


Yesterday my gymnasts and I all made our way to Bartlesville, OK... We usually go here every year for our first of the season.. Its some what of a "wake up" call.. Its a BIG meet with some BIG competition... I believe there were just 2 teams from Arkansas.. Flame and Williams.. They are from Fayetteville... The gymnasts you see at this meet are ready to rock and roll.. To say the least!

My level 7's are all first year level 7's except for one... This was their first optional meet besides the practice meet we had in October.. There were a lot of nerves out on the floor and they seemed a little shaken.. BUT.. Let me tell you.. These girls went out there and did there best and every single one of them improved.. Several improved their all around scores by over a point.. Thats alot.. I think they really have a feel for what they have to do and what  will really help out there scores! I am very very proud of them!!

My level 8's were next... I was missing one of my gymnasts for this meet due to a minor issue... So I had 3 level 8's competing.. 1 second year and 2 first year level 8's... One of my first year kiddos is just 9 years old.. She was a level 6 last year.. So thats says a lot for this kiddo!! The girls started on beam... It was a little shakey but they did well.. I think they got some what robbed on scores but thats just my opinion.. Its a learning experience and will prepare them for what lies ahead this season.. As the meet went on the girls did their best.. A few bumps in the road here and there.. But all in all a great first meet! Did I mention that one of my 8's won her age group and we placed 3rd as a team!!! With just 3 of them competing thats a big accomplishment!! Very proud of them!

I am very excited to see how this season plays out!! There is so much talent and potential in each and every one of my girls!! So.. Get ready!!!!

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