Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ohhhhhh Baby!!!

Well if you havent heard..

Gabe & I will be parents in the Spring!!! We could not be anymore excited!!! Gabe & I have talked about having kids since we started dating... My love for kids is obvious.. My life would just be an incomplete blah if I were not involved with kids on a daily basis!

Some of you may not know.. This girl does a college degree and I worked for a little while doing cardiac rehab.. I did enjoy it.. The benefits were great.. BUT... I missed the laughs & smiles you can only get from a child.. I have been involved with gymnastics since I was walking.. My mom started me in a gymnastics class to help control some of my "extra energy" and it turned into a life long career.. When I was a teenager my coach allowed me to start helping me with some classes... I was in love! It was the greatest thing ive ever done... Well as much as I tried to get away from it.. I just cant..

My entire life I knew I wanted to have a house full of kids of my own... I just needed to find the right person to do this with... I thought I did once or twice... BUT.. That was not the plan... So.. I had to wait until I ended up with this Gryner boy!! :-) Gabe is amazing... He loves kids and kids love him... He will be such a good daddy and I cant wait to meet our little gymnast or football player!!!

I actually took a few of these.. But here are the first 2.... :-)

Life has a crazy way of giving you twists and turns and not turning out the way you think it will.. But... I found Gabe and we have been blessed and our little family is growing.. :-) Life is GOOD!!!

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