Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's finally October!!

I think October is one of my favorite months... I love the weather.. I love fall/Halloween decorations.. Its finally cooling off.. I enjoy my walks so much more because Im not dying from a heat stroke.. Gabe & I spend much more time outside with the pups..

Nothing to to exciting has been going on lately..

We went to my nephews first birthday party a couple weekends ago.. Cant believe little Konnor is one already.. We barely get to see him but we when do he is such a laid back easy great kiddo.. He doesnt care who loves on him just as long as someone is.. My mother in law bought Konnor a miniature horse for his birthday.. Yes a horse.. Not real sure what Konnor thought about it but we will see in the years to come what happens with that.. :-)
Yesterday my girls performed at the fair.. We had a lot of fun.. Being gymnasts they dont get to show their goofy side all that much.. Well this year at the fair  we learned a fun dance that let them show all sides of their silly personalities.. It was great.. I laughed.. Parents laughed and the girls loved it!!

Love Love Love these girls!! Doesnt get any better!!!! :-)

This week my sweet husband is turning the big 32.. I love birthdays.. So going to try and make it as special as I can... Got some fun stuff planned.. He has some goodys to open on the big day.. Going to be a great week!!!! 

Its going to be a good month.. 3 weeks from our first meet, its finally October which means I can set out all my Halloween decorations, my hubbs has a birthday this week, my parents anniversary is this month... Oh.. The HOGS won yesterday!!! :-) Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!

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