Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the absolute best parents I know! I could not have picked better parents myself...

 I have been encouraged to follow every dream Ive ever had regardless whether my mom and dad understood it.. I have rarely been told no when I really really wanted something.. I was given every oppurtunity I couldve imagined...

I grew up being a gymnast.. If you know anything about this sport.. Cheap isnt on the list... Hundreds of dollars a month for tuition.. Leotards, grips, tape, pre-wrap, you have to pay people to do your routines, buy music, meets fee's.. The list goes on.. Not to mention. I couldnt find a good fit for me in Fort Smith at the time so what did my mama do... She drove me to Fayetteville 6 days a week for almost 5 years.. Sacrifice huh?? There were alot of years my parents worked mutiple jobs.. They never took a real vacation until this past year and my dad surprised my mom and took her to VEGAS for her 50th birthday!!! Now they are making up for lost time and doing all kinds of great trips and experiencing so many great things together! You dont see all that many couples that after 30 years still really love each other and you can see it all over their face when your around them! Pretty neat huh?? 

My parents have taught me so much.. I didnt always learn my lessons in a normal time frame ;-) but in the end I got the point.. They have never given up on me and for that I am forever grateful..Regardless of what anyone thinks my mom is my best friend and biggest supporter.. I mean my mom put my wedding together in less than 3 months and it was everything I couldve wanted.. Every detail she put time into and made it perfect.. Its the tiny details that make something wonderful and my mom is amazing with details!! My dad is just incredible.. He doesnt do anything.. I mean anything half ass!! His work ethic is beyond anything and he can work circles around several grown men.. I love that my dad always speaks his mind, has his own opinions and stands up for what he thinks is right and what he believes in.. I love that he taught me to do that as well..

I absolutely can not wait to give my parents their first grand child!!!! They are beyond excited!! My parents LOVE kids and are so good with kids... They were those parents that coached me & justins sports, they played in the yard with us, taught us to throw a ball, tickled us until we couldnt breathe and then begged for more! My dad has taken us hunting, fishing, to ball games, and my dad even took me shopping at the mall for a bikini!! Haha!! They did it all.. They will be the best grandparents and I am so excited to see the relationship between my kiddo and my parents.. I know that they will be very close they will be there to help however they can, I know my parents will let me raise my child the way I want and encourage me and respect the way I want things done and do that as well.. Its going to be an excitng year for our family!

This doesnt even come close to really explaining how incredible my mom and dad are.. But maybe you have an idea!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! I love you!!!

Daddy's lil girl..
My pretty mama! This is one of my favorite pictures of us!

My Daddy!

Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary!!!!!
I love you!!!

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