Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ghosts from the Past

Why is it that when you leave a bad or unpleasant situation people always say move on, start over, and let the past be the past??  Well... Thats just what your supposed to do..

I dont so much have a problem doing this... Its not always fun and sometimes can be heart breaking at times but some things just arent meant to be... I moved home from Conway a couple years ago and I thought it was going to kill me.. Everything I had known for almost 4 years was taken away in just a matter of minutes... It was hard.. It hurt.. It was absolutely not something I would ever want to do again... I lost friends, I lost people that I felt like were family.. The truth is though they werent "really" my family..  BUT.. In the end it made me stronger.. I found out new things about myself and I found Gabe.. When one door closes another door always opens..

So why is it that some people just wont let go of the past and have to constantly shove it in your face?? Things didnt happen for a reason.. Deal with it.. Thats a little harsh but its reality.. Things just dont always turn out like you plan.. 

Ive been struggling with how to deal with this sort of situation lately.. Out of respect for other people I put a smile on my face when I dont feel like it and im polite.. But when you dont get that in return it makes it hard to keep on keeping on.. .

So anyways... Guess all I can really do is live my life the way I think is right and do the things that I think are right.. If that means some people dont get to enjoy that ride with me then so be it.. I cant always do things so that other people are happy and to keep from stepping on someone else's toes when lately my toes are feeling smashed...

This is all just my opinion.. It really doesnt count for anything.. So if writing things down makes me feel a little better then guess thats what I will do....

Right now I have way to many things in my life that are making me happy and that I am so blessed to have to let a few people that cant seem to deal with reality slow me down and keep me from enjoying my life!

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