Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the absolute best parents I know! I could not have picked better parents myself...

 I have been encouraged to follow every dream Ive ever had regardless whether my mom and dad understood it.. I have rarely been told no when I really really wanted something.. I was given every oppurtunity I couldve imagined...

I grew up being a gymnast.. If you know anything about this sport.. Cheap isnt on the list... Hundreds of dollars a month for tuition.. Leotards, grips, tape, pre-wrap, you have to pay people to do your routines, buy music, meets fee's.. The list goes on.. Not to mention. I couldnt find a good fit for me in Fort Smith at the time so what did my mama do... She drove me to Fayetteville 6 days a week for almost 5 years.. Sacrifice huh?? There were alot of years my parents worked mutiple jobs.. They never took a real vacation until this past year and my dad surprised my mom and took her to VEGAS for her 50th birthday!!! Now they are making up for lost time and doing all kinds of great trips and experiencing so many great things together! You dont see all that many couples that after 30 years still really love each other and you can see it all over their face when your around them! Pretty neat huh?? 

My parents have taught me so much.. I didnt always learn my lessons in a normal time frame ;-) but in the end I got the point.. They have never given up on me and for that I am forever grateful..Regardless of what anyone thinks my mom is my best friend and biggest supporter.. I mean my mom put my wedding together in less than 3 months and it was everything I couldve wanted.. Every detail she put time into and made it perfect.. Its the tiny details that make something wonderful and my mom is amazing with details!! My dad is just incredible.. He doesnt do anything.. I mean anything half ass!! His work ethic is beyond anything and he can work circles around several grown men.. I love that my dad always speaks his mind, has his own opinions and stands up for what he thinks is right and what he believes in.. I love that he taught me to do that as well..

I absolutely can not wait to give my parents their first grand child!!!! They are beyond excited!! My parents LOVE kids and are so good with kids... They were those parents that coached me & justins sports, they played in the yard with us, taught us to throw a ball, tickled us until we couldnt breathe and then begged for more! My dad has taken us hunting, fishing, to ball games, and my dad even took me shopping at the mall for a bikini!! Haha!! They did it all.. They will be the best grandparents and I am so excited to see the relationship between my kiddo and my parents.. I know that they will be very close they will be there to help however they can, I know my parents will let me raise my child the way I want and encourage me and respect the way I want things done and do that as well.. Its going to be an excitng year for our family!

This doesnt even come close to really explaining how incredible my mom and dad are.. But maybe you have an idea!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! I love you!!!

Daddy's lil girl..
My pretty mama! This is one of my favorite pictures of us!

My Daddy!

Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary!!!!!
I love you!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ghosts from the Past

Why is it that when you leave a bad or unpleasant situation people always say move on, start over, and let the past be the past??  Well... Thats just what your supposed to do..

I dont so much have a problem doing this... Its not always fun and sometimes can be heart breaking at times but some things just arent meant to be... I moved home from Conway a couple years ago and I thought it was going to kill me.. Everything I had known for almost 4 years was taken away in just a matter of minutes... It was hard.. It hurt.. It was absolutely not something I would ever want to do again... I lost friends, I lost people that I felt like were family.. The truth is though they werent "really" my family..  BUT.. In the end it made me stronger.. I found out new things about myself and I found Gabe.. When one door closes another door always opens..

So why is it that some people just wont let go of the past and have to constantly shove it in your face?? Things didnt happen for a reason.. Deal with it.. Thats a little harsh but its reality.. Things just dont always turn out like you plan.. 

Ive been struggling with how to deal with this sort of situation lately.. Out of respect for other people I put a smile on my face when I dont feel like it and im polite.. But when you dont get that in return it makes it hard to keep on keeping on.. .

So anyways... Guess all I can really do is live my life the way I think is right and do the things that I think are right.. If that means some people dont get to enjoy that ride with me then so be it.. I cant always do things so that other people are happy and to keep from stepping on someone else's toes when lately my toes are feeling smashed...

This is all just my opinion.. It really doesnt count for anything.. So if writing things down makes me feel a little better then guess thats what I will do....

Right now I have way to many things in my life that are making me happy and that I am so blessed to have to let a few people that cant seem to deal with reality slow me down and keep me from enjoying my life!

It's FALL Ya'll

Well this is absolutely my favorite time of the year!!! The weather is just perfect.. College football every weekend!! GO HOGS!! Competition season starts for my girls!! Halloween!! Fall decorations!!! And early this fall we found out about Baby G.. So you can see why this is my favorite time of the year!!!

I absolutely love to decorate our house for holidays! I didnt get to do Halloween/Fall deco last year because we were to busy planning a wedding!! So I was more than excited to get out my stuff this year!! Growing up my mom just went all out.. Didnt matter what it was.. Holidays, birthdays.. Just any special occasion... So I got this from her! One of the many things she handed down to me! :-)

Lately we have been spending so much time outside enjoying the weather and the pups! The dogs LOVE to be outside.. Every morning we let them out they both go do their business and then just lay in the sun for about 1/2 an hour! I love to sit outside on my front porch and watch them play and read a good book.. A cold adult adult beverage would really top it off but.. Thats for a later date! ;-)

Yesterday my gymnasts, parents, family, and friends met down at Chaffee Crossing for a 5K to benefit the Fort Smith Humane Society! It was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time! Love seeing them get together to do things a little bit out of their comfort zone! They all ran like champs! Even the little level 4's! With their short legs and all they ran ran ran!!!! :-) The humane society brought out dogs to adopt and we found homes for 11 dogs yesterday!!! Pretty incredible huh!!! I wouldve loved to have taken this little boston terrier name Scooter home with me but he was older and I think we would be better off with a puppy so we can train it how we want since the baby is coming.. Needless to say it was a great day!!!

Pictures from the 5K!!

The bull dog belongs to one of my level 7's family! Shes a beauty huh!! My younger boxer Hagen was all about her!! :-)

Here are some pictures of some of the Fall/Halloween stuff going on in and around my house!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ohhhhhh Baby!!!

Well if you havent heard..

Gabe & I will be parents in the Spring!!! We could not be anymore excited!!! Gabe & I have talked about having kids since we started dating... My love for kids is obvious.. My life would just be an incomplete blah if I were not involved with kids on a daily basis!

Some of you may not know.. This girl does a college degree and I worked for a little while doing cardiac rehab.. I did enjoy it.. The benefits were great.. BUT... I missed the laughs & smiles you can only get from a child.. I have been involved with gymnastics since I was walking.. My mom started me in a gymnastics class to help control some of my "extra energy" and it turned into a life long career.. When I was a teenager my coach allowed me to start helping me with some classes... I was in love! It was the greatest thing ive ever done... Well as much as I tried to get away from it.. I just cant..

My entire life I knew I wanted to have a house full of kids of my own... I just needed to find the right person to do this with... I thought I did once or twice... BUT.. That was not the plan... So.. I had to wait until I ended up with this Gryner boy!! :-) Gabe is amazing... He loves kids and kids love him... He will be such a good daddy and I cant wait to meet our little gymnast or football player!!!

I actually took a few of these.. But here are the first 2.... :-)

Life has a crazy way of giving you twists and turns and not turning out the way you think it will.. But... I found Gabe and we have been blessed and our little family is growing.. :-) Life is GOOD!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's finally October!!

I think October is one of my favorite months... I love the weather.. I love fall/Halloween decorations.. Its finally cooling off.. I enjoy my walks so much more because Im not dying from a heat stroke.. Gabe & I spend much more time outside with the pups..

Nothing to to exciting has been going on lately..

We went to my nephews first birthday party a couple weekends ago.. Cant believe little Konnor is one already.. We barely get to see him but we when do he is such a laid back easy great kiddo.. He doesnt care who loves on him just as long as someone is.. My mother in law bought Konnor a miniature horse for his birthday.. Yes a horse.. Not real sure what Konnor thought about it but we will see in the years to come what happens with that.. :-)
Yesterday my girls performed at the fair.. We had a lot of fun.. Being gymnasts they dont get to show their goofy side all that much.. Well this year at the fair  we learned a fun dance that let them show all sides of their silly personalities.. It was great.. I laughed.. Parents laughed and the girls loved it!!

Love Love Love these girls!! Doesnt get any better!!!! :-)

This week my sweet husband is turning the big 32.. I love birthdays.. So going to try and make it as special as I can... Got some fun stuff planned.. He has some goodys to open on the big day.. Going to be a great week!!!! 

Its going to be a good month.. 3 weeks from our first meet, its finally October which means I can set out all my Halloween decorations, my hubbs has a birthday this week, my parents anniversary is this month... Oh.. The HOGS won yesterday!!! :-) Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!