Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of those feel good days :-)

Well..   Its Saturday...

Its so nice outside.. The HOGS play this afternoon.. My brothers second engagement party is this evening.. Thats a lot to be happy!

Not to much going on at the Gryner Casa lately.. The husband has been sick.. Thats been a whole lot of not fun... He hasnt felt good in a week.. Praying he starts to feel better really soon.. Probably has to do with the fact that he never slows down and never takes a day off when he is sick... Got to love a hard working man.. Even when he is stubborn.. ;-)

Work for me has been up and down lately... Lately just a lot has been going on and cant seem to get a grip on things all at the same time.. Got to keep things interesting though right??!! The girls are doing so well though.. Cant compliment them enough.. There ability to work hard and not give up amazes me on a daily basis... Gymnastics isnt an easy sport... Its not easy to be a gymnast and its not easy to be a gymnasts parent.. Its a HUGE commitment on everyones part.. Sometimes as much as I love my job its not easy to be a gymnastics coach... There is so much I want for my girls but things dont always work out the way I want it to.. BUT.. Kids are so resilient and they keep showing up and keep coming back for more.. I am so very much looking forward to this competition season! Ive been saying this since last year but we start competing in a month and I cant wait.. Great things will happen for Flame Gymnastics this year.. Just wait ;-)

Pretty excited about the hogs playing today too! I absolutely love football season! The Hogs are off to a good start but.. Will they pull off the "W" today??? I think so!!

Little brothers engagement party is tonight! Congrats again to him and his lovely fiance Kathleen.. So happy and excited for Justin.. He has finally found his other half and I couldnt have picked a better one myself.. I wish you guys the best and cant wait to share your special day with you!!

So see. I told you.. Its just one of those day that make ya feel good! :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

What a day...

Where were you??
I was in Denton, TX.. It was my freshman year of college.. We were in class when we heard the news and they let class out so we could go get in touch with friends and family and make sure everyone was ok.. It was an eerie feeling watching the coverage on tv.. I hated being so far away from my parents and not being able to hug them.. Thank goodness all my family was safe & sound.. Fortunately I didnt directly know someone effected by this horrible news.. So many families experienced loss and tragedy..

Watching the TV coverage today.. Ten years later it still brings tears to my eyes.. The lives lost, the men and women who gave up countless hours to rescue who they could.. Its all just incredible and what so many people went through and experienced.. I know how just watching the coverage makes me feel.. I can not imagine actually being there and going through that..

All this really makes you think...
I have so many things to be thankful for and so many blessing in my life...

God Bless America...

Planes Strike the Twin Towers

25 Most Powerful Photos1

25 Most Powerful Photos

25 Most Powerful Photos

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was wonderful!!!!

This girl is a HUGE HOG FAN!! So I was super excited about going to the game this weekend!! We had awesome seats thanks to my boss that supports my HOG BALL obsession!! :-) We went up the hill about noon Saturday.. Hung out and ate some good food in the RV Park and then headed up to the stadium to watch the HOGS kick some rear!!! WPS!!! Great way to start the weekend!!!!

On Sunday.. Gabe and I just spent the day together running around.. Went to Academy, Wal-Mart, Sears, went to eat some awesome Mexican food, then went fishing for a while and let the dogs swim then rented a couple movies and called it a day! It was a great way to spend a day!

Yesterday.. Gabe and his buddy went to the lake and went diving so I had the day to myself... I mowed the yard (which i love to do.. some reason it relaxes me) cleaned house, did aboout 452 loads of laundry and then just sat outside and read and played with the boys!! Gabe finally got home and we went to Sears since they were having a mattress sale and oh my we found some mattresses we love but good grief they are expensive! Gabe is having a hard time sleeping in our bed and my back has been killing me so we thought we would go look since our mattress is pretty old.. But looks like were just going to have to tough it out...

Here are some shots of the boys playing outside!

So.. All in all we had a good weekend! This weather is absolutely wonderful!! I can not wait for this time of year! Fall is my favorite!! I cant wait to put up Halloween decorations.. Watch more Hog Ball... And I cant wait for meet season to get started!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!