Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GO HOGS!!!!!

Well what do you know..

Ive done so much better the last few days with this blogging business.. :-)

This girl is sooooo excited for Razorback Football!!! There is nothing better than the cooler fall weather, the colors, the atmosphere up on the hill in Fayetteville, the football players running out on to the field, the fans cheering, and that lovely sound.. "TouchDown"!!!!

I was contemplating buying tickets yesterday.. Which ones should I get.. Which ones should we stay home and have friends over and just watch on TV?? Oh the decisions.. Well I got the best gift yesterday.. I got a phone call and someone offered me free tickets for the first game this season!!! I could not be more excited!! Not just tickets though.. GREAT SEATS!!!

This is one happy girl and I am so thankful this person thought of me when they had tickets become available!!

Between my girls at the gym doing so well and football starting.. I dont know what Im more excited about.. I am blessed.. I know that much!!! :-)

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!


  1. WooHoo! I KNOW your SUPER excited! Go Hogs!

  2. Hi! Kelly!! It's Avery! Super cute pics! ;-)