Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GO HOGS!!!!!

Well what do you know..

Ive done so much better the last few days with this blogging business.. :-)

This girl is sooooo excited for Razorback Football!!! There is nothing better than the cooler fall weather, the colors, the atmosphere up on the hill in Fayetteville, the football players running out on to the field, the fans cheering, and that lovely sound.. "TouchDown"!!!!

I was contemplating buying tickets yesterday.. Which ones should I get.. Which ones should we stay home and have friends over and just watch on TV?? Oh the decisions.. Well I got the best gift yesterday.. I got a phone call and someone offered me free tickets for the first game this season!!! I could not be more excited!! Not just tickets though.. GREAT SEATS!!!

This is one happy girl and I am so thankful this person thought of me when they had tickets become available!!

Between my girls at the gym doing so well and football starting.. I dont know what Im more excited about.. I am blessed.. I know that much!!! :-)

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HomeSchool Maybe??

Ive never been much of a fan of kids that homeschool.. I didnt understand it.. It didnt make sense to me & I thought kids were missing out on so much and being deprived of life experiences...

Well.... That has all changed.. I have several good friends that homeschool & if its done properly I think it can be a wonderful thing.. These kids do things at their own pace, its much more laid back & relaxed (for someone that got test anxiety I wouldve loved this) Im sure they feel more comfortable asking for help & asking questions because for the most part in my experience its mom overseeing the homeschool work.. I knew there were times I didnt ask questions because I didnt want to be laughed at and I knew other kids understood and I didnt want people to know I was out there in left field...

Over the last 2 years Ive seen some of my gymnasts become much more serious about the sport.. Well with this comes more time in the gym.. Well when you are in school from 8am-3pm then at the gym from 4:30-8:30 then homework til almost midnight makes for a ridiculous day for a kid.. I never had all that much homework when I was in school but it seems like these days the homework is really piled on the kids.. How do teachers expect kids to participate in extracurricular activities if your loading them down with hours of homework most nights of the week?? Now the first question out of my mouth to my girls was.. "Are you messing around at school at not getting your stuff done?" Thats not the case.. They show me what all they have to do in class and then what they get to take home to do.. Its amazing to me that all my girls make remarkable grades & do very well in the gym..

Recently.. I asked some of my girls parents to find out if the girls could skip out on PE at school because they are working out almost 20 hours a week as it is.. They dont need PE at school.. We found out that they wont let my girls miss PE but they let kids that swim skip out on PE because a school official works with the swimming club... To me this does not seem fair..

I am all for my girls getting a good education, making GREAT grades and going to college... I want to see all my girls go as far as they want with their education.. College degree, Masters, PhD.. Whatever they want. I know that if they do this they will grow up with a sense of accomplishment, they will be able to provide for themselves, and they can be independent.. Just because they are girls doesnt mean they need to be dependent on someone and let someone take care of them.. But thats a whole different blog.. Anyways.. Say my girls stay in gymnastics.. Stay happy & healthy and continue with this sport.. Gymnastics can help pay for college.. Not for everyone but for some that go that far its possible.. So see education & sports can go together..

I just find it irritating that at 11, 12, & 13 years old my girls are having to choose.. Good grades or gymnastics... Its not fair... Why cant the schools work with my kids instead of making it harder for them to be a gymnast & a good student?? Not all kids want to be school athletes.. Some kids want to participate in sports outside of the school system.. Nothing wrong with that...

So this girl is quickly becoming a BIG homeschool fan.. I think its neat to be able to do the required work and it not take 7 hours out of your day.. You dont have 3 more hours of homework afterwards.. You are able to participate in whatever activities that you want. It gives you a much better oppurtunity to be a good student and a good athlete, musician, artist.. Whatever you want..

So anyways.. This is my rant for the day... Feel better now that I got that out...

Monday, August 22, 2011


I havent blogged in forever.. Just been busy & to be honest just havent felt like it.. There is always so much going on & when I finally sit down I dont really want to type out and re-hash all the stuff that has been going on.. But here's an update...

This summer has been absolutely amazing at the gym... I have 10 of the most incredible kids you will find.. They are all so different and alike at the same time.. Each one of them has their own unique personality.. But then they all come together and they all really actually get along, support each other, and encourage each other.. My younger ones look up to my older ones.. My older ones set a great example and are always there with a hug or sweet words to cheer someone up.. Its pretty neat to sit back & watch.. I might not be an actual parent but ive got to be doing something right when you see what  these girls are accomplishing and seeing them turn into very respectable & mature young ladies..

The last week of the summer we let loose & really had some fun!!!! Here are some pictures from that week & a few other shots from the summer!!

So as you can see.. We've had some fun... :-)

What else...
We went to the beach the first week of August.. Had a blast.. Or at least I did.. Gabe isnt so much for the heat & sand all day but I love it.. Gabe did get to scuba dive so he was pretty happy about that! It was wonderful to get away and spend the week relaxing, reading, and just enjoying extra time with Gabe.. :-)

Lets see... Meet season is coming.. I could not be more excited... Its going to be a great year for Flame Gymnastics.. :-) Umm.. Gabe and I have been married almost 9 months.. Cant believe our 1 year anniversary is right around the corner.. Time flies when your having fun..

Guess thats about it for now.. Ill try harder to start staying on top of this blogging business and update more often!!

Have a great day!!