Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lesson Learned....

Since Im bored out of my mind today I thought I would do a little blogging.. :)

Lately I have been reminded of the fact that life just isnt fair.. Bottom line..

Nothing you do changes that one simple fact.. Life isnt fair.. Sometimes things happen to us we deserve and dont deserve.. Sometimes the decisions we have made in the past make the present.. Sometimes oppurtunities just land in our lap.. Sometimes they dont.. Ive been reminded of this alot lately and it really has me thinking & figuring out changes that maybe I need to make..

I want the decisions I make and the things I do every day to effect my life in a positive way.. So I need to remember to think before I speak & react.. Harder said than done.. ;-)

Ive been told my whole life that if you want something you have to work for it.. And nothing comes easy.. The things in life that matter take work.. Sometimes... I find myself wishing this was easier or that was easier or why cant someone just do it for me.. Doesnt work that way..

Example.. When I moved in with Gabe his house was a disaster... He had not been living in his house for months and when he finally was able to move back in it was a wreck to say they least.. I think at the time there were parts of our house that had never been cleaned... Talk about gross.. So... We rolled up our sleeves and over the last year we have busted our butts to clean our house properly, we have painted all the rooms, re-decorated, and made alot of improvements... I love our home and it makes me feel good to know we worked hard on it... Was it easy? No.. Did we always have the money for the current project? Uhh definitely No.. But we saved, budgeted and it paid off...

Im not one to be jealous of people but sometimes it gets to me when I see people that in my opinion dont deserve something and still its just handed to them.. The 3 year old in me comes out and I want to stomp my foot and throw a fit... Why?? I dont know.. Its just a waste of energy..

Its time I roll up my sleeves with the rest of my life and just take care of business. It does no good to be jealous when a friend, sibling, family member, co-worker or anyone gets something you want or is able to go do something you would love to do..

Work hard and good things will come... I am learning that lesson.. Slowly but surely..


  1. I bet the house looks great! Especially the flower bed. I can't garden or anything here at the apartment BUT I'm thinking about getting a tomato plant or something to hang outside. Maybe some flowers? Let's see how long they stay alive!