Sunday, June 5, 2011

What A Week!!!!

It has been the most wonderful week...

I was off work all week and got so much stuff done and just enjoyed the down time..

My house is clean, laundry is done, we had home cooked meals, and go to spend lots of quality time with Gabe and the puppies!!

We had such a great time at the rodeo this week! Ran in to some of my kiddos from work! Its always so much fun seeing them out of the gym and watching them just enjoy being a kid.. Always smiling & laughing.. The rodeo in my opinion was sooo much better than last years!! We laughed at the jokes, enjoyed all the cowboys & cowgirls and the different activities!!

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Texas to visit with some of my best friends and attend their annual BallsTown BBQ.. Talk about some amazing food!! We had the best time.. I absolutely love seeing my Texas family.. Last trip to Texas we brought home a puppy.. This trip Gabe got him a big toy!! :)
So.. As you can tell.. Its been a wonderful week!! I love my husband, my friends, and my life!!! God is good!!!

So very excited though to get back to work & see my girls this week.. Going to be the best summer yet!!!!

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