Thursday, June 16, 2011

Money Money Money.....

So... Why is it always so hard to get ahead.. Why cant money just grow on trees!!

Seems like lately every time I think Im going to get just a little bit ahead something comes up.. ALWAYS!! Why are financial holes so hard to get out of.. School loans are not fun.. AT ALL!! Insurance payments, house bills, and credit cards are rough on the bank account...

Ive been doing so good the last couple years making payments on stuff and always paying stuff on time but sometimes it just seems like there is never light at the end of the tunnel..

Now it is my fault that I chose a career path that wont make me a millionaire.. I am definitely not complaining though.. Not everyone can look forward to going to work each day and leaving work just about every day with a smile on your face! I do..

I know there are so many more important things in life besides having a gazillion dollars in the bank.. Lately though the burden of monthly bills is just eating at me..

So.. If anyone out there just wants to help me out and plant a money tree in my yard id be grateful.. ;-) Or if anyone has suggestions and advice on how to get things paid off quicker please share.. I did get a great website today that im soaking up all I can from.. Dave Ramsey.. He has alot of great tips.. :-)


  1. Girl we can plan a few of those trees and see what happens LOL

  2. Something ALWAYS comes up. . .