Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard Lessons

Why are  some lessons harder to learn than others??

I often catch myself lately trying to fix problems that just can not be fixed.. Sometimes I guess you just have to be ok with the fact that you have tried your best whether it fixes the problem or not.. I have also learned that you just can not please everyone and again even if you really try your best there are going to just be some people that find the negative in every situation no matter what.. Can you say Debbie Downer?!!

This has been a trying week at work for me.. I dont complain about my job but once every blue moon.. So you better believe the moon will be blue tonight.. :-) If you know anything about me.. You know I love love love kids... Hands down they are the best part of my day! However.. Working with these special little creatures can get to you sometimes.. As we all know girls arent the easiest things to get along with or figure out sometimes.. ;-) Ive had several things ive been trying to work through this week and trying to make the best of situations but just when I think I get things figured out I feel like im kicked right back to square one.. So needless to say I think by the end of the week Ill have my fair share of grey hairs and need an appointment at the salon!

On a brighter note... When I am down.. I am reminded of just how blessed I am and love the fact that I have so many wonderful positive uplifting people in my life.. I walked out into the gym yesterday pretty shaken up and my sweet 2 oldest girls were there waiting with hugs! They had no idea what the issue at hand was but all they knew was that I was upset and needed a hug.. Amazing what a hug can do when you get your feelings hurt!

So.. In the end I have learned that no matter what things will work themselves out one way or another  and it will all be ok... :-)

Be jealous! I have the best kiddos!

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