Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Weekend

Well... It has pretty much rained the entire weekend.. This is not good for the Gryner household.. I have a husband that cant be inside all day long.. I have two very rowdy dogs that hate being cooped up inside all day..

Thank goodness we were out & about all day yesterday.. I went to watch my cousins t-ball game.. I LOVE watching little kids play ball.. Its extremely entertaining.. After that.. I had to get some work done but then later that after noon we spent several hours at the Monkey House for a birthday party! It was so much fun.. Gabe had just as much or more fun than the kids did.. He was worn out. It was the sweetest thing watching Gabe with those kids.. He has no reservations.. He just jumps in and is one of the kids.. Playing, giggling, and running around to he just gave out.. He will be such a wonderful daddy when that happens for us.. :-) I sure do love that man..

After our adventure at the Monkey House went to Shoguns (one of our favorite places) then we tried out Goody's! It was wonderful! Great frozen yogurt! Then we ended our day snuggled up on the couch watching Lord of the Rings with the puppies... It was a great day..

Some days I catch myself giggling.. Since Ive been married ive turned into such a homebody.. I love being at home with my boys... I dont need to be entertained I dont need to spend money.. Im simply content just being here with them.. It makes my heart happy.. I used to be such a social butterfly always out and about.. On the phone.. Catching up on the latest things going on with friends.. Now... the simple things in life make me so very happy.. Its a good feeling..


  1. We went to Goodys last night to! Madie spent the night with a friend and thet were headed to the Monkey House, but it was reserved for a party, it must have been the one you went to! And we must have missed you at Goodys!

  2. Goody's was awesome! We will definitely be going back! :-) The Monkey House was alot of fun! It was reserved at 4pm for Jackson & Easton's birthday party! Gabe had a ton of fun!! :-)

  3. Haha!!!!!! Goodys was SO good!!!:)