Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One step at a time.....


This title applies to more than just me..

As most of you know. I coach gymnastics. I love it! About 4 months ago one of my gymnasts suffered a hip injury.. Then turned around and broke her wrist.. Yeah thats some good luck right there! For 4 months she has come in each week supported her team mates.. Encouraged her team mates.. Helped some of her team mates through frustrations.. She really has been such a blessing to our team and to me.. She really did help teach some skills to some of the girls.. She has quite a bit of been there done that knowledge..

Well... Yesterday was her first day back in the gym as a gymnast and not my little assistant.. She was so excited.. So positive.. She knows its going to be a tough road.. I couldnt be anymore proud of her.. She has pushed through so many obstacles and stayed so determined over the last year.. Really makes me appreciate my job.. I am blessed.. :-)

On another note.. I started working out this morning.. Again.. My mom and I did 5 miles at the park and then hiked up the Alma Dam once.. It was rough.. At some points I wanted to give up.. Its been a long time since I felt muscles burn like that and it reminded me that they are still in there.. Its about time I find them.. So.. Here goes nothing.. Ill let you know how this works out for me!!!

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  1. Thanks, I really had fun at gym today!!!! I'm glad to be back:) Funny about you and your muscles!!!!:)