Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach Baby!!!!


Looks like Gabe & I might be heading to the beach this summer!! I am so excited!! I absolutely love the beach & there is just nothing better than the warm sun, smell of the ocean, a good book & a cold yummy drink!! :-)

However.. Going to the beach... Means swimsuits.. GRRRR!! I dont know about most of you but I some what fear swim suit season.. For so so long gymnastics kept me in great shape.. However when I stopped I found out that staying in shape wasnt so easy... I do so good for a while then I slip and it takes a while to get back on the wagon.. Im hoping this trip will really give me the motivation to get with it...

Wish me luck!

Anyone have any suggestions? Good recipes? Great exercises that help problem areas??

Here goes nothing!!


  1. Run Run Run!!! High protein diet low carb. Ben found a recipe from a friend that sounds soooo disgusting but is actually pretty good and healthy. Tuna, strawberries, franks red hot sauce, and almonds. I eat it for lunch. It's pretty filling!!

  2. Just do gymnastics with us!!!:). I like the pictures!!!:)

  3. High fiber and protein, low cal, carbs, and all that other good stuff :(
    Here's a blog with some yummy healthy recipes: www.skinnytaste.com - You have to try her Turkey Chili Taco Soup...it's delish! Good luck!