Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful for Thursday


As this week comes to an end I am excited to say yay!! Its Thursday! Luckily my boss let me off tomorrow and Gabe & I are able to get out of town for a couple days! I love our little weekend trips... During the week Gabe's phone rings constantly and it seems like he never slows down.. So I love to get away for a little bit and give him the chance to relax!

We're heading to Texas this weekend.. Should be a great trip.. :-)

On a different note.. Im now down 7 pounds! Slowly but surely Im making progress. Im really hoping I can stick with dieting and exercise this time.. I think me setting a goal and working towards it sets a better example for my kiddos at the gym.. I think me pushing them to be stronger and healthier that they should expect the same from me.. So.. Im trying.. :-)

So.. How about these crazy storms?? Thankfully we didnt have really any damage.. My flower beds flooded some what.. BUT... That is definitely nothing to whine about.. My heart aches and goes out to those that are suffering due to the weather.. I am so thankful for my family, friends, and all the wonderful things in my life lately.. It can all change and even be taken away in just the blink of an eye..

I guess thats about it...

This was a boring post..

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready for a Break

Well it has been one long week at the gym... Seems like it has just been one thing after another.. Definitely always have to be on my toes and ready for whatever comes my way! I enjoy my job and wouldnt trade it for anything but I am thankful my a break once in a while.. AND... We are off the first week of June :-)

My job has been a challenge for me this year.. I started the year with 3 kids and coaching only level 8.. I ended the year with 12 kids and coaching level 6,7,and 8.. I am so thankful for a supportive boss, the best gym parents, and most of all kids that adapted to a change mid season.. And gave me a chance.. I am very much looking forward to a fun and productive summer.. The stuff my kids are doing now is just amazing.. I definitely have a talented group of girls and they make me smile every day.

See.. They are the best kids!

On a different note.. I have been busting my butt for 2 weeks now at the good ole Gryner Home Gym.. Its not easy at all.. I hate making myself work out BUT afterwards I feel great and Im happy I did it.. Its just the whole getting started process... Although its not getting easier yet.. Ive dropped 5 pounds.. So thats enough to make me almost smile.. :-) The beach trip will be here before we know it and I will NOT look like a beached whale out there!! So Im going to suck it up and keep at this working out thing. It will pay off.. It will pay off.. It will pay off...

What else...

I have the best husband.. He has worked so hard helping me around the house lately.. I planted a ton of stuff in our front flower beds and he put gutters on our house so my pretty plants wont drown and wash away.. AND.. He sent me yellow roses to work this week! What a guy huh?? Got to love when you walk into work and have pretty roses waiting for you! :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach Baby!!!!


Looks like Gabe & I might be heading to the beach this summer!! I am so excited!! I absolutely love the beach & there is just nothing better than the warm sun, smell of the ocean, a good book & a cold yummy drink!! :-)

However.. Going to the beach... Means swimsuits.. GRRRR!! I dont know about most of you but I some what fear swim suit season.. For so so long gymnastics kept me in great shape.. However when I stopped I found out that staying in shape wasnt so easy... I do so good for a while then I slip and it takes a while to get back on the wagon.. Im hoping this trip will really give me the motivation to get with it...

Wish me luck!

Anyone have any suggestions? Good recipes? Great exercises that help problem areas??

Here goes nothing!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If any of you bloggers have any suggestions on how to make blogging easier please send me a message! Thanks..

Big thanks to Tyler & Jesska for helping me so far!!

One step at a time.....


This title applies to more than just me..

As most of you know. I coach gymnastics. I love it! About 4 months ago one of my gymnasts suffered a hip injury.. Then turned around and broke her wrist.. Yeah thats some good luck right there! For 4 months she has come in each week supported her team mates.. Encouraged her team mates.. Helped some of her team mates through frustrations.. She really has been such a blessing to our team and to me.. She really did help teach some skills to some of the girls.. She has quite a bit of been there done that knowledge..

Well... Yesterday was her first day back in the gym as a gymnast and not my little assistant.. She was so excited.. So positive.. She knows its going to be a tough road.. I couldnt be anymore proud of her.. She has pushed through so many obstacles and stayed so determined over the last year.. Really makes me appreciate my job.. I am blessed.. :-)

On another note.. I started working out this morning.. Again.. My mom and I did 5 miles at the park and then hiked up the Alma Dam once.. It was rough.. At some points I wanted to give up.. Its been a long time since I felt muscles burn like that and it reminded me that they are still in there.. Its about time I find them.. So.. Here goes nothing.. Ill let you know how this works out for me!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Weekend

Well... It has pretty much rained the entire weekend.. This is not good for the Gryner household.. I have a husband that cant be inside all day long.. I have two very rowdy dogs that hate being cooped up inside all day..

Thank goodness we were out & about all day yesterday.. I went to watch my cousins t-ball game.. I LOVE watching little kids play ball.. Its extremely entertaining.. After that.. I had to get some work done but then later that after noon we spent several hours at the Monkey House for a birthday party! It was so much fun.. Gabe had just as much or more fun than the kids did.. He was worn out. It was the sweetest thing watching Gabe with those kids.. He has no reservations.. He just jumps in and is one of the kids.. Playing, giggling, and running around to he just gave out.. He will be such a wonderful daddy when that happens for us.. :-) I sure do love that man..

After our adventure at the Monkey House went to Shoguns (one of our favorite places) then we tried out Goody's! It was wonderful! Great frozen yogurt! Then we ended our day snuggled up on the couch watching Lord of the Rings with the puppies... It was a great day..

Some days I catch myself giggling.. Since Ive been married ive turned into such a homebody.. I love being at home with my boys... I dont need to be entertained I dont need to spend money.. Im simply content just being here with them.. It makes my heart happy.. I used to be such a social butterfly always out and about.. On the phone.. Catching up on the latest things going on with friends.. Now... the simple things in life make me so very happy.. Its a good feeling..