Saturday, December 31, 2011

Opinions & 2012....

Well.. Its been awhile since Ive blogged... Ive been pretty busy with meet season really getting under way & of course the holidays!! :-)

Gabe & I had a great Christmas.. To say the least.. Lil miss Gryner is already spoiled and shes not even here yet.. Her GiGi (my mama) and Great Oma (my grandma) got her some pretty neat stuff and some of the cutest clothes.. I am going to have so much fun with this little girl and can not wait to get her here!! The bigger the bows and the more sparkly stuff I can find the better!! Christmas was a lot of fun... My grandparents were able to join us this year.. Its been way to long since we've been able to spend a holiday with them and it was wonderful.. What a blessing!

2012 is quickly approaching.. This year is going to be a huge year for Gabe and I... Our little family of 2 will become a party of 3.. I will become a mom... Shortly after that become a working mom.. That idea alone stresses me out.. Thank goodness GiGi finally retired and will be able to babysit while Im at work most of the time.. Huge weight off my shoulders.. I will finally get a sister.. I could not be more happy about this.. She will be not only the only aunt but she will be the best!! She has become a great friend of mine over the last year and she will be such a wonderful addition to our  family!! I get a new cousin this year too.. Our family will finally have cousins really close in age and in the same grade!!! Watch out schools!! :-) Its going to be an amazing year and I cant wait to see just what all 2012 has in store!

2012 Resolutions:


I want to work on the fact that I dont really give a rats rear about most peoples opinions! Thats some what blunt but its the truth.. I often allow what people say and do to effect me and my life in a negative way.. Ive always heard pregnant women say be careful what info you put out there and give people about stuff you want to do and things you would like for your baby.. Guess what??!! Not everyone will agree with you... Surprised huh?? Even when people are not asked they find the need to put their 2 cents out there about MY baby... Last time I checked its not  YOUR baby and I dont really need your opinion!! So why do I care and why do I let it bother me and why do I let myself get upset about something that in the end doesnt matter to a hill of beans!!! My answer.. I dont know.. There are people I go to for advice & guidance and I really do value what they have to tell me.. But why is it the people you dont ask always make their opinion known even if its not their place to do so? I try to be some what open minded but you can only take so much... I have worked with many kids over the years and encountered many families.. All of which do things differently.. Some of the things people do leave me speechless.. Some things some kids are allowed to do leaves me speechless and baffled.. The way some kids are allowed to act and treat others.. The way some adults carry themselves and treat others.. Some are just plain strange and peculiar.. Now if you know me you know I am VERY opinionated.. BUT.. Its not my place to judge these people and its definitely not my place to give or share my opinion... Everyone does things differently.. Everyone thinks differently.. Anyone with kids did not start out a pro.. You learn as you go and you figure it out as you go.. And you just do the best you can...

Well thats my outlook on 2012.. I will do the best I can to become a better wife, a good mother, a better daughter & sister, a better gymnastics coach & role model, a better friend, and just a better person...

There are so many things I am thankful for and I head into 2012 looking to appreciate these people and parts of my life so much more..

My mom... There arent words to express how thankful I am for you and how much I love you.. The example you set for me and the morals and values you have taught me are one of a kind and I love you more than I could ever explain! You have always been there waiting with a hug no matter what.. Theres nothing better than that..

My Daddy.. My hero... This is one amazing man... His ability to work hard and provide for me is incredible.. His ability to love me for exactly who I am, respect my indepence, let me make my own choices to figure out just who I am, and always be there to pick me up when I fall is beyond what any human should really be capable of..

I love this man.. I love him because he loves me for me.. I cant wait to become parents together and start a whole new life as a party of 3!! :)

 My brother & his fabulous crazy italian fiance!! My brother is just a good person... Bottom line.. He works hard. Takes care of the important things and is there when you need him! Kathleen... Is most definitely an incredible bonus for our family! Shes beautful inside and out!

My very best friend in the world.. My oh my.. I love this girl! I love every single thing about her!! Its been an incredible 11 years and the stories we will have to tell when were 90 will make us rich and famous old ladies! ;-)

I absolutely love these girls and their mama's!! These girls make me a better person every day that I get to spend with them! I love their mama's for supporting and encouraging me.. Being there when I need something that has absolutely not one thing to do with gymnastics!! But most of all for making the 10 most amazing girls! :) 

So... After all these wonderful things I have in my life.. I will focus on the all this good and ignore the things people say and do that effect me and my life in a negative way.. When I look at it like this.. How can I not be excited about the future??!! I am!!

Happy New Years everyone!! Stay safe!!
Talk to you all next year! :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's a GIRL!!

Well as you may have already read Gabe and I will welcome a sweet baby girl into this world this spring!! I for one could not be anymore excited! We havent had a baby girl on my side of the family in about 20 years!! So this is a big deal.. Gabe's parents have a grandson already so it will be alot of fun having a baby girl now too!
(we made a sweet baby girl & we cant wait to meet her) :)

I cant wait to make some decisions on a name, nursery furniture, nursery decor... Start buying clothes, and fun baby girl stuff!! Problem is... There is SOOOOOO much absolutely adorable stuff out there its so hard to decide what you want!! Thank goodness I have my mama to help me out and keep me in check a little bit or I probably would go completely crazy getting stuff! :-)

I am so excited to see how this little girl changes our lives.. I cant wait to see Gabe hold his daughter for the first time.. That will be a sight.. Gabe and a baby girl! I cant wait!! Daddys and daughters have such a neat relationship.. My dad did the girly stuff with me and my dad played in the mud with me! I have so many great memories with my daddy!
(Me & my daddy)

Girls and their mamas... Well if your a girl you know.. You cant beat that! I have never realized just how much my mama means to me until the ultrasound tech said.. "Its a GIRL'... All the things my mom ever tried to teach me, tell me, and show me finally all made sense...

With all that being said... I feel pretty good.. The only thing slowing me down is I could use a nap every afternoon just about the time I go in to work.. When this girl gets tired... Im tired and its time to go to bed.. I used to be such a night owl and now it seems like 10:00 is pretty late... I never got sick.. Not to much nausea.. And.. I love that I watch what I eat so carefully now... I cut out all the junk.. I do have a coke once in a while... But Ive actually lost weight.. This makes me happy!

Sooooo.. This has been one good week! We got great news on Monday.. Monday evening I got to surprise my gym girls with my news and they are beyond excited and seeing their faces was one of the sweetest things Ive ever seen! My little girl will have so many good role models in her life.. (not to mention I will have some awesome babysitters) Man I love my girls!
They have had an awesome week of workouts and we are all excited and looking forward to heading to Fayetteville this weekend for a great meet!!

I am blessed!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011



Nothing to to to exciting going on this week.. Gabe & I have both been feeling like poo all week.. Sinus issues... Coughing.. Sore throats.. Headaches.. You know all sorts of fun stuff.. Hopefully this weekend I will catch up on some rest and feel better.. But I do have a few things planned for this weekend so we will see about that rest part.. ;-)

Last week I had been talking to my mom about decorating our front door for Christmas.. My mom is the creative one in our bunch.. She always has cute neat ideas when it comes to decorating and trying to be crafty.. Me.. Not so much.. So anyways.. My oh so fabulous mama calls me up on Tuesday and tells me to meet her.. So I do.. She went and got me and my soon to be sister in law all the stuff we would need to decorate our front doors.. Pretty cool huh??!! So we plan on doing that sometime this weekend.. Also looking forward to getting the rest of our Christmas lights put on the house.. I love love love christmas lights and cant wait to have ours done! I also hope to do some Christmas shopping this weekend as well.. I love getting gifts for people.. But my patience often gets the best of me because as soon as they are wrapped I want people to open them right then!! :-)

I need to brag on the Mr.. for a minute.. My husband is not a man that typically does to many household chores.. He does the outside stuff except for mowing.. Thats my job.. By choice.. I love to mow for some weird reason.. But anyways.. This week.. Gabe has as I said not felt the best.. But that boy has done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, picked up around the house, done laundry.... And.. put laundry away! Talk about a huge help!! Just one of the many reasons I love him... :-)

Well... Monday is the big day if everything goes according to plan... We have "the appointment".. Cant wait to find out if were having a gymnast or a football player!! But I have a feeling this baby might be just a little bit like his/her parents and be stubborn and maybe not let us see if she's a girl or he's a boy.. But hopefully our little angel baby cooperates!! :-) I think what excites me the most is telling my mom & dad.. They will just be the best GiGi & Grumpy there ever was.. And I absolutely can NOT wait to tell my girls!!! They make being pregnant alot of fun!!! :-)

What else...
My girls have another competition next weekend!! Im excited! Its in Fayetteville and hosted by my former coaches! I love getting to see them and I usually see a few of my old team mates and lots of friendly familiar faces!! My girls have been working hard and cant wait to see how they do!

Today is a very special day!! Its my best friends birthday!! Crystal Miller Morse!! I cant even begin to tell you what this girl means to me! Weve been friends for about 11 years now and I just dont even know what I would do with out her!!! Hope she has the best day!!!

Guess thats all the news I have for now!! Have a great weekend!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Crystal & I from my wedding!!! Love her!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!

Since Thanksgiving is just about here I thought Id try to touch on some of the things I am so so thankful this year..

Its been an incredible year for this girl.. I got married almost a year ago.. I cant believe how fast this year has flown by.. Its been a lot of fun.. A few ups and downs.. But were still kicking and I am so excited to see what the future has in store for these 2 Gryner's!! :-)

I finally feel settled at work. When I first started I helped coach a big group of girls and my style of coaching didnt exactly work for some.. I was the new girl and it was an adjustment for us all.. Well this past January I got the oppurtunity to coach alot of these girls again and I have loved it ever since! We finished the season doing well last year and had a great summer and now this season has started off with some huge improvements! I am loving it!

My mama was able to retire from her job this year.. I am thankful for this because I like to be able to call her even if its not important and the conversation only lasts 12 seconds... I am so happy she gets to spend her days doing all the things that make her happy.. She loves loves loves projects.. She has worked so hard on my parents house this year and made some HUGE changes and its just amazing what this woman can do! I am glad that my daddy has my mama at home every day when he gets home.. Dad loves his home cooked meals and he gets them every single day now.. I just love seeing my hard working parents being able to finally enjoy this life like they should... House projects, lots of fun with long time friends, weekend get aways, and last but not least turning into those crazy Harley riding kids!! I love it!!

My baby brother got engaged this year... This makes me so incredibly happy.. The girl my brother asked to marry him is just absolutely wonderful! She is perfect for him in 101 ways at least!! My brother has been down some hard roads with some.. How can I say this politely... Horrible Horrible Horrible excuses of females... Kathleen is someone that I am excited to call my sister.. She is too funny for her own good.. She is gorgeous inside and out.. She is sincere and honest.. She makes my brother happy and for that I love her even more! I can not wait to see these 2 get married!! Its coming up quick!! ( I got a quick peak at "the dress"... lets just say that my brothers knees will be weak...) :-)

Last but certainly not least.. As you know we are pregnant!! I for one could not be more excited!! I have always been one that said I wanted to get married and have a housefull of kiddos running around.. It just took a little longer to find Gabe than I wouldve ever thought but it was definitely worth the wait. We cant wait til our little prince or princess gets here!! This takes me back to being thankful for my mama not working.. She will be a HUGE part of this babys life and I am so glad that I will have her to help me out! I am so thankful for my brothers fiance'... She will be the only aunt our baby has (for now) and I couldnt have asked for a better one!! Its going to be fun, interesting, crazy Im sure but we just cant wait!!!

We ( I ) am so so so so blessed beyond words! I have so much to be thankful for and its just the beginning!! So much to look forward too!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy all the delicious food & family time!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st Meet of 2011-2012 Season


Yesterday my gymnasts and I all made our way to Bartlesville, OK... We usually go here every year for our first of the season.. Its some what of a "wake up" call.. Its a BIG meet with some BIG competition... I believe there were just 2 teams from Arkansas.. Flame and Williams.. They are from Fayetteville... The gymnasts you see at this meet are ready to rock and roll.. To say the least!

My level 7's are all first year level 7's except for one... This was their first optional meet besides the practice meet we had in October.. There were a lot of nerves out on the floor and they seemed a little shaken.. BUT.. Let me tell you.. These girls went out there and did there best and every single one of them improved.. Several improved their all around scores by over a point.. Thats alot.. I think they really have a feel for what they have to do and what  will really help out there scores! I am very very proud of them!!

My level 8's were next... I was missing one of my gymnasts for this meet due to a minor issue... So I had 3 level 8's competing.. 1 second year and 2 first year level 8's... One of my first year kiddos is just 9 years old.. She was a level 6 last year.. So thats says a lot for this kiddo!! The girls started on beam... It was a little shakey but they did well.. I think they got some what robbed on scores but thats just my opinion.. Its a learning experience and will prepare them for what lies ahead this season.. As the meet went on the girls did their best.. A few bumps in the road here and there.. But all in all a great first meet! Did I mention that one of my 8's won her age group and we placed 3rd as a team!!! With just 3 of them competing thats a big accomplishment!! Very proud of them!

I am very excited to see how this season plays out!! There is so much talent and potential in each and every one of my girls!! So.. Get ready!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My job is better than yours!!!

As meet season kicks off this weekend.. This is what I have to say about my job..

Have I ever mentioned I love love LOVE my job!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that my girls can make me smile every single day just about the entire time I have them.. I try so so so hard to stay "mad" but it just never lasts! They grin and its over with! I dont guess I ever really get mad.. Frustrated is a better way to put it.. But even so I get frustrated and it just never lasts long! They are the very best girls I could ever ask for!

You will not meet young ladies that are more polite, understanding, encouraging, and most of all giving.. I have 5 teenagers now and I will tell you.. I never have to deal with attitudes.. Moodiness yes but NEVER disrespectful attitudes.. If one of them happens to do something that earns them a few running laps you can almost always bet a team mate jumps up and is running with them and encouraging them! Thats not something you can teach kids.. They are just incredible kids..

They are the sweetest.. They constantly ask questions about the baby.. They worry about me doing to much.. Moving mats, setting bars, moving the vault.. I dont have to do much of those things anymore.. They take care of me.. The bring me blocks to sit on when they know Im tired so I dont have to stand up the whole time.. Each week as the baby grows we talk about it and they just light up its the sweetest thing.. My belly has started to show a little bit and they just love it.. I didnt think I would be to crazy about people touching my stomach but as long as its one of my girls I dont mind at all.. Other people.. Different story ;-)

It amazes me how polite they are out in the real world too.. You hear please, thank you, yes mamm, no mamm, yes sir and no sir.. They are very respectful of other people.. They share, they allow people to go ahead of them, they hold doors open for others, and they are always kind to other people... There was instance this summer when I few of our gymnasts went to a camp they were younger competitive kids of ours.. They actually ended up coming home early because they roomed with girls from a different gym that were older than them and the older girls were awful to them.. Locked them out of the room and just did some ugly things to them.. It was heart breaking... If I ever found out any of my 10 girls acted that way you can bet they would be beaten!!! I honestly just dont even think they have it in them to act that way! Good thing!! When we go to meets and I cant find them all eventually Ill find them off talking to other gymnasts from other teams and making new friends!! I love it!

I could not be anymore proud of my girls! The things that have learned while doing the great sport of gymnastics will stick with them through their entire life! Their ability to work hard will lead them to do amazing things.. Their ability to not give up will carry them through the rough spots in their lives! Their ability to hold their chin up high even when they dont finish first but know they did their best will show them that winning isnt everything and coming out on top isnt what its all about.. Just knowing you did your absolute best is all that matters! I can not wait to see what these girls do with their lives!

* I hope to see 10 college graduates!
* I hope to see 10 successful, strong, independent women!
* I hope to see 10 women with a job they love as much I love mine!
* I hope to see 10 women know that the possibilities of their life our endless.. They can do/achieve anything in this world they set their mind to! I hope they know the world is theirs.. They just have to go out there and get it!!!

Last but definitely not least! I have some of the best gym moms out there! We definitely have our moments but I know I can count on them! I love them all for raising these girls as they do! I can only hope I am half the kind of moms that they are.. This sport isnt easy on families and its definitely not cheap... But these mama's just get done what they have to so that their girls can do a sport they love! Its pretty amazing!! They support me and encourage me and for the most part trust my judgement ;-) I have made some amazing friends with some of the mamas and love the fact that they are there for me when I have a melt down or panic attack! Their kind words and their girls sweet smiles can always put a smile right back on my face and for that I am so so so blessed to have them all a part of my life!!!

So... Just know that I am already so so so so proud of you girls... Zoey, Lexi, Madie, Keely, Jules, Mary, Kennedy,Carigan, Adyson, and Lauren... I love each and every one of you and you are already winners in my book!!! I wish you the very best this season!! Go out there and have some fun!!! SMILE!!!! CHIN UP!! You have worked so hard and now its time to go out there and shine!!!! Reach for the stars girls & then reach passed those!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What to do.. What to do...

Seems like even though Baby G wont be here for a while there is still so much to figure out... I like to have a plan I like to work on things ahead of time so Im prepared when I need to be...

Right now Im just stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Bottom line.. My husband and I have bills.. More than id like to have.. We work hard at paying our bills and doing our best to get things paid off and not add to our debt.. But theres only so much coming in each month so we just do the best we can... But is that enough? We have decided to add to our family and I worry that we are digging our selves a deeper hole.. I hear constantly that babies are expensive and then in the same breath I get told that it will be fine and it will work out..

We have been looking at getting me a more baby friendly vehicle.. Right now I just dont see how that will be possible... We need to get me something more reliable and something better for the baby but is that the smart thing to do if I would like to cut my work schedule back some when the baby comes?? I just dont know...

Thank goodness I work for a company that takes pretty great care of me... I am able to communicate with my bosses and we are usually able to come up with a plan that works for everyone... They have been great when I talk to them about my plans for what I would like to do when the baby gets here.. But when you cut back your schedule that means less money... Bottom line... My husband works the family business..This has its perks as well.. We are VERY lucky in some ways.. But there are some things that come with this that you just cant change and have to accpet as is.. Sometimes thats a little difficult.. He works so hard.. He usually works 6 days a week.. He works alot more than I do.. He doesnt complain and just keeps his head down and works hard.. In my opinion he goes above and beyond what is expected of him and that says alot about the kind of man he is.. .. I wish more people saw what kind of person he is and realized how amazing he really is.. :-)

We have so much to figure out and its so hard deciding what the right thing to do is.. I feel like Im not enjoying being pregnant like I should because I am so stressed out about how we will make ends meet if we add another car payment and I cut back my hours for a little while.. The saying "everything will work out" doesnt sit well with me.. I like black and white facts..

So in the mean time.. I guess since there are just certain things that I can not change as much as I want to I will have to take a deep deep breath and just let it go... I will have to concentrate on the things I can make better..

So... On that note.. I am so excited to be pregnant and I can not wait to meet our sweet baby.. I am so very much looking forward to the holiday season.. Its absolutely my favorite time of the year.. I can not wait for all the time I will get to spend with my parents, my aunt, and my cousins.. I am so so so very excited that competition season is here for my girls.. They have worked so hard and I can not wait to see them do well this year!! They are a huge part of my life and they make me smile every single day.. I am so very thankful for my mom during this time of my life.. I talk to her every single day about the things that are bothering me and she always has something comforting to say and makes me feel just a little bit better.. Thats really nice to have..

This last paragraph has already made me feel better... :-)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not everything baby.....

This will be short but it was a great way to start the day...

So lately my mom has been calling me alot saying she found this and that on different baby websites and stores.. It just makes me smile seeing how excited she is.. I absolutely love it and can not wait to hand our sweet baby to my mama and watch her smile...

This morning my mom calls me a little excited about a website she found.. My mom just has an eye for super cute stuff that she knows I will like! (makes it alot easier when we have a lot of the same tastes) I could honestly give the entire job of doing the nursery over to my mom and not ask about it or see anything until she was completely done and I would not worry one bit and would be completely fine and not stress a second.. Will I do that?? Nope.. Im too excited.. But hey.. You never know.. maybe with the second or third baby!! ;-)

But this morning it wasnt talking about baby stuff that made me smile.. She called to show me a couple of items for a baby but mainly she wanted me to look at some stuff for me.. How sweet is that?? "Kelly, its going to be winter so you will need some warmer clothes.. You will have Christmas & New Years you know some things you might want to dress up for so we need to find some stuff for your growing tummy... :-)" My mama is the best!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!

As I have already said.. This is my favorite time of the year.. I just love the holidays!!

I was so excited to put up my Halloween decorations and now I cant wait to take them down and put up my christmas stuff!! Ive gotten some new stuff this year and I am beyond excited to get our house ready for the holidays!! Last year I didnt get to do as much as I wanted because of our wedding and honeymoon.. But thats a pretty good excuse not to decorate huh??!! :-)

My mom makes Christmas so much fun.. Every year we go to the Christmas Eve service at our church.. Then we go to my parents and have my dads birthday party!! Yes, my daddy is a Christmas baby! After his party we usually eat and then open presents with my dad's side of the family.. Its always so much fun.. Then Christmas Day we have a feast at my parents.. Mom can seriously cook and this pregnant girl seriously can not wait!!

Christmas might just be a little bit more special this year because we find out in early December what our baby is!!! I for one can not wait!! I know some people wait and dont find out what they are having.. But I just dont think I could do that! This girl is ready to know if Im having a future razorback football player or a lil gymnast!! Since I found out I have felt like it was a girl but Gabe is dead set on it being a boy... Soooo.. We will see!

So far through this pregnancy Ive been lucky and not been sick.. Yet.. I get nauseous but never sick.. Yet.. I do like to sleep alot now... I could nap every day if I had time.. I go to bed early which is different for me because Ive always been a night owl.. Gabe likes it alot.. That boy needs his beauty sleep! We got to hear the heart beat again yesterday. Its the neatest thing to know there is human being growing inside me.. I just cant wait!!

No pictures with this post.. Sorry..

Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Everyone get ready to call those hogs this weekend!! This girl will be at the game cheering her heart out!! #7 playing #9 thats a big deal!!! WPS!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the absolute best parents I know! I could not have picked better parents myself...

 I have been encouraged to follow every dream Ive ever had regardless whether my mom and dad understood it.. I have rarely been told no when I really really wanted something.. I was given every oppurtunity I couldve imagined...

I grew up being a gymnast.. If you know anything about this sport.. Cheap isnt on the list... Hundreds of dollars a month for tuition.. Leotards, grips, tape, pre-wrap, you have to pay people to do your routines, buy music, meets fee's.. The list goes on.. Not to mention. I couldnt find a good fit for me in Fort Smith at the time so what did my mama do... She drove me to Fayetteville 6 days a week for almost 5 years.. Sacrifice huh?? There were alot of years my parents worked mutiple jobs.. They never took a real vacation until this past year and my dad surprised my mom and took her to VEGAS for her 50th birthday!!! Now they are making up for lost time and doing all kinds of great trips and experiencing so many great things together! You dont see all that many couples that after 30 years still really love each other and you can see it all over their face when your around them! Pretty neat huh?? 

My parents have taught me so much.. I didnt always learn my lessons in a normal time frame ;-) but in the end I got the point.. They have never given up on me and for that I am forever grateful..Regardless of what anyone thinks my mom is my best friend and biggest supporter.. I mean my mom put my wedding together in less than 3 months and it was everything I couldve wanted.. Every detail she put time into and made it perfect.. Its the tiny details that make something wonderful and my mom is amazing with details!! My dad is just incredible.. He doesnt do anything.. I mean anything half ass!! His work ethic is beyond anything and he can work circles around several grown men.. I love that my dad always speaks his mind, has his own opinions and stands up for what he thinks is right and what he believes in.. I love that he taught me to do that as well..

I absolutely can not wait to give my parents their first grand child!!!! They are beyond excited!! My parents LOVE kids and are so good with kids... They were those parents that coached me & justins sports, they played in the yard with us, taught us to throw a ball, tickled us until we couldnt breathe and then begged for more! My dad has taken us hunting, fishing, to ball games, and my dad even took me shopping at the mall for a bikini!! Haha!! They did it all.. They will be the best grandparents and I am so excited to see the relationship between my kiddo and my parents.. I know that they will be very close they will be there to help however they can, I know my parents will let me raise my child the way I want and encourage me and respect the way I want things done and do that as well.. Its going to be an excitng year for our family!

This doesnt even come close to really explaining how incredible my mom and dad are.. But maybe you have an idea!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! I love you!!!

Daddy's lil girl..
My pretty mama! This is one of my favorite pictures of us!

My Daddy!

Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary!!!!!
I love you!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ghosts from the Past

Why is it that when you leave a bad or unpleasant situation people always say move on, start over, and let the past be the past??  Well... Thats just what your supposed to do..

I dont so much have a problem doing this... Its not always fun and sometimes can be heart breaking at times but some things just arent meant to be... I moved home from Conway a couple years ago and I thought it was going to kill me.. Everything I had known for almost 4 years was taken away in just a matter of minutes... It was hard.. It hurt.. It was absolutely not something I would ever want to do again... I lost friends, I lost people that I felt like were family.. The truth is though they werent "really" my family..  BUT.. In the end it made me stronger.. I found out new things about myself and I found Gabe.. When one door closes another door always opens..

So why is it that some people just wont let go of the past and have to constantly shove it in your face?? Things didnt happen for a reason.. Deal with it.. Thats a little harsh but its reality.. Things just dont always turn out like you plan.. 

Ive been struggling with how to deal with this sort of situation lately.. Out of respect for other people I put a smile on my face when I dont feel like it and im polite.. But when you dont get that in return it makes it hard to keep on keeping on.. .

So anyways... Guess all I can really do is live my life the way I think is right and do the things that I think are right.. If that means some people dont get to enjoy that ride with me then so be it.. I cant always do things so that other people are happy and to keep from stepping on someone else's toes when lately my toes are feeling smashed...

This is all just my opinion.. It really doesnt count for anything.. So if writing things down makes me feel a little better then guess thats what I will do....

Right now I have way to many things in my life that are making me happy and that I am so blessed to have to let a few people that cant seem to deal with reality slow me down and keep me from enjoying my life!

It's FALL Ya'll

Well this is absolutely my favorite time of the year!!! The weather is just perfect.. College football every weekend!! GO HOGS!! Competition season starts for my girls!! Halloween!! Fall decorations!!! And early this fall we found out about Baby G.. So you can see why this is my favorite time of the year!!!

I absolutely love to decorate our house for holidays! I didnt get to do Halloween/Fall deco last year because we were to busy planning a wedding!! So I was more than excited to get out my stuff this year!! Growing up my mom just went all out.. Didnt matter what it was.. Holidays, birthdays.. Just any special occasion... So I got this from her! One of the many things she handed down to me! :-)

Lately we have been spending so much time outside enjoying the weather and the pups! The dogs LOVE to be outside.. Every morning we let them out they both go do their business and then just lay in the sun for about 1/2 an hour! I love to sit outside on my front porch and watch them play and read a good book.. A cold adult adult beverage would really top it off but.. Thats for a later date! ;-)

Yesterday my gymnasts, parents, family, and friends met down at Chaffee Crossing for a 5K to benefit the Fort Smith Humane Society! It was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time! Love seeing them get together to do things a little bit out of their comfort zone! They all ran like champs! Even the little level 4's! With their short legs and all they ran ran ran!!!! :-) The humane society brought out dogs to adopt and we found homes for 11 dogs yesterday!!! Pretty incredible huh!!! I wouldve loved to have taken this little boston terrier name Scooter home with me but he was older and I think we would be better off with a puppy so we can train it how we want since the baby is coming.. Needless to say it was a great day!!!

Pictures from the 5K!!

The bull dog belongs to one of my level 7's family! Shes a beauty huh!! My younger boxer Hagen was all about her!! :-)

Here are some pictures of some of the Fall/Halloween stuff going on in and around my house!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ohhhhhh Baby!!!

Well if you havent heard..

Gabe & I will be parents in the Spring!!! We could not be anymore excited!!! Gabe & I have talked about having kids since we started dating... My love for kids is obvious.. My life would just be an incomplete blah if I were not involved with kids on a daily basis!

Some of you may not know.. This girl does a college degree and I worked for a little while doing cardiac rehab.. I did enjoy it.. The benefits were great.. BUT... I missed the laughs & smiles you can only get from a child.. I have been involved with gymnastics since I was walking.. My mom started me in a gymnastics class to help control some of my "extra energy" and it turned into a life long career.. When I was a teenager my coach allowed me to start helping me with some classes... I was in love! It was the greatest thing ive ever done... Well as much as I tried to get away from it.. I just cant..

My entire life I knew I wanted to have a house full of kids of my own... I just needed to find the right person to do this with... I thought I did once or twice... BUT.. That was not the plan... So.. I had to wait until I ended up with this Gryner boy!! :-) Gabe is amazing... He loves kids and kids love him... He will be such a good daddy and I cant wait to meet our little gymnast or football player!!!

I actually took a few of these.. But here are the first 2.... :-)

Life has a crazy way of giving you twists and turns and not turning out the way you think it will.. But... I found Gabe and we have been blessed and our little family is growing.. :-) Life is GOOD!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's finally October!!

I think October is one of my favorite months... I love the weather.. I love fall/Halloween decorations.. Its finally cooling off.. I enjoy my walks so much more because Im not dying from a heat stroke.. Gabe & I spend much more time outside with the pups..

Nothing to to exciting has been going on lately..

We went to my nephews first birthday party a couple weekends ago.. Cant believe little Konnor is one already.. We barely get to see him but we when do he is such a laid back easy great kiddo.. He doesnt care who loves on him just as long as someone is.. My mother in law bought Konnor a miniature horse for his birthday.. Yes a horse.. Not real sure what Konnor thought about it but we will see in the years to come what happens with that.. :-)
Yesterday my girls performed at the fair.. We had a lot of fun.. Being gymnasts they dont get to show their goofy side all that much.. Well this year at the fair  we learned a fun dance that let them show all sides of their silly personalities.. It was great.. I laughed.. Parents laughed and the girls loved it!!

Love Love Love these girls!! Doesnt get any better!!!! :-)

This week my sweet husband is turning the big 32.. I love birthdays.. So going to try and make it as special as I can... Got some fun stuff planned.. He has some goodys to open on the big day.. Going to be a great week!!!! 

Its going to be a good month.. 3 weeks from our first meet, its finally October which means I can set out all my Halloween decorations, my hubbs has a birthday this week, my parents anniversary is this month... Oh.. The HOGS won yesterday!!! :-) Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of those feel good days :-)

Well..   Its Saturday...

Its so nice outside.. The HOGS play this afternoon.. My brothers second engagement party is this evening.. Thats a lot to be happy!

Not to much going on at the Gryner Casa lately.. The husband has been sick.. Thats been a whole lot of not fun... He hasnt felt good in a week.. Praying he starts to feel better really soon.. Probably has to do with the fact that he never slows down and never takes a day off when he is sick... Got to love a hard working man.. Even when he is stubborn.. ;-)

Work for me has been up and down lately... Lately just a lot has been going on and cant seem to get a grip on things all at the same time.. Got to keep things interesting though right??!! The girls are doing so well though.. Cant compliment them enough.. There ability to work hard and not give up amazes me on a daily basis... Gymnastics isnt an easy sport... Its not easy to be a gymnast and its not easy to be a gymnasts parent.. Its a HUGE commitment on everyones part.. Sometimes as much as I love my job its not easy to be a gymnastics coach... There is so much I want for my girls but things dont always work out the way I want it to.. BUT.. Kids are so resilient and they keep showing up and keep coming back for more.. I am so very much looking forward to this competition season! Ive been saying this since last year but we start competing in a month and I cant wait.. Great things will happen for Flame Gymnastics this year.. Just wait ;-)

Pretty excited about the hogs playing today too! I absolutely love football season! The Hogs are off to a good start but.. Will they pull off the "W" today??? I think so!!

Little brothers engagement party is tonight! Congrats again to him and his lovely fiance Kathleen.. So happy and excited for Justin.. He has finally found his other half and I couldnt have picked a better one myself.. I wish you guys the best and cant wait to share your special day with you!!

So see. I told you.. Its just one of those day that make ya feel good! :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!